Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Embarrassed Blogger

Two months?  Really?  Two entire months?  Whatever was I thinking??????  

Well, I know what I was thinking some of the time -- I was thinking:

  • that I had not been accomplishing anything worth showing
  • that it was going to take more brain power than I had at the time to pick good pictures
  • that I did not have pictures of what I wanted to show you
  • that I was an idiot for forgetting the pics.... again
  • that I might have to shoot an IT rep who did not transfer the pics from the old machine to the new machine (still the case)
  • that I still had not really accomplished anything of note
  • that maybe the stitching fairies had left me bereft of all inspiration or motivation
  • that I ought to do a blog on TV channel changing because that was all I seemed to do when not at work

Well, all of those still hold true, but I ****AM**** going to post today!

Here's the best I can do with what is at my disposal right now --

A couple weeks ago I got to go "play" at TNNA with my needlepoint shop crew.  Our small squad made the trek down south to San Diego for the festivities.  I, for one, was bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready for shopping.

Here's the scene of the massing hoard entering the buyers showroom on opening day:

Here's the entertainment/decor they put on for our show (Sorry, I did not get the carving team in action) --

And it was personalized just for us -- don't you just love the spool and the stitching?--

And here is our happy crew the night before the big shopping weekend.  We were enjoying a little nosh and small designer displays

We looked FAR less perky the next two nights!
Oh, and that preview night I fell for my first piece of the show --

He is by The Collection.. They were our first stop of the show the next morning, and I commend them on their perkiness!  This arrived last week at the shop--

Isn't he beautiful?  I am waiting for the stitch guide so I can start the thread pull.  He's soooo pretty, and I am eager to start him.

Apparently TNNA this year was The Year of the Eagle for me because I also ordered something I fell for last year at TNNA.  I know!   Can you believe it?  I exercised a little control... for a whole year!'

He's called "Eagle Eyes" and is by Waterweave.  What can I say I had to have him.  Waterweave also had their fast-mailing crew on staff because that arrived last week for me as well --

Yes, gentle reader, he immediately went on bars and under the needle.  I think I am going to call him George after the "husband" eagle in the mating pair near Mount Vernon (yes, he's married to Martha).

I also found myself very enamored of the new 3-D piece from Sew Much Fun

I believe her name is Zoe.  We ordered her for the shop so I expect to be seeing some Zoes under the needle in the next few months.

The show was a grand success -- though a lot of booths were smaller than previous years.  There were plenty of pieces that stole our hearts, and lots of socializing to do.  What would TNNA be without frantic waves and squeals of greeting ?  .... and really tired feet.

In my own stitching life, I have been trying to get going again and I managed to actually get some respectable stitching done--

 This is the dress bib on the canvas I'm calling "Mrs." --the black stripes are Kreinik, the white are Kreinik and Sprinkles, the light pink are Belle Soie and Krienik, and the raspberry rows are Belle Soie over Kreinik.  A couple months of dedicated stitching will get her done --- unless I wander off and work on Mr. at the same time.  I need them both done by the beginning of October.  Yup, with my attention span, I'm doomed.

Thanks for your patience -- be back soon... I hope.


Shelleen said...

You bought some really great pieces and sounds like you had fun.

Annette-California said...

Oh what a great come back post! You had my attention at the mention of TNNA show. WOW! Fantastic canvases you picked up - PERFECT for stitching during the Olympics. You'll have them all done by the end of the events right? LOL.
Welcome back. love Annette

Preeti said...

I love your post titles ;) I can very well relate to your list of reasons. Glad to know that you had a nice shopping weekend. Thanks for sharing the pictures !! Looking forward to your stitching on new pieces.

Ali arif said...

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