Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm back! And I'm still bad.

Heavens, have you seen the latest from Heartsting Samplery? You must! Go on. Go check out Some Trust in Chariots. While you're looking, I'll be adjusting my wish list. See you in a moment. .....
See? Was I wrong? Do you need it too?

That right there, friends, is why I (and if I don't miss my guess, a lot of you too) are in trouble in the stash and starts departments. Really it's not our fault! If you designers didn't constnatly put out these things that we simply *must* have, we'd be fine. Ya'll get together and put out one thing a year I need and I might could make some progress. As it stands I'm doomed..... and I like it.

Ok, off stash soap box, and back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I found some of the lost pictures and got annoyed and retook others. {The things I do for you!} --

This is Ladies Day, a canvas by Sundance.
2011 06 09 005
I got the stitch guide to go with it and began stitching on it years ago. I got the black pot in the far left corner done and realized that I had put the 3 rows of continental at the top of the pot in in the wrong direction. I entertained thoughts of just continuing along because I could just do the whole thing to match, but no, I really can't. It would drive me nuts. So, conservatively, she's spent 6 years sitting in a project bag with one pot done wrong.
Then magic happened ("magic" being defined as that moment when I really want to work on something other than what I'm working on). I pulled her back out, frogged my stupidity, spent a day picking all new threads (we'll get back to that), and started again. So far here's the progress:
2011 06 09 006
2011 06 09 007
My favorite thus far is the big red guy --
2011 06 09 008
I have to admit that I wanted this to be an exploration in following a stitch guide. I've even mostly done that so far. Sometimes I can't control my urge to alter though. But the really cool thing and my big tip for needlepoint hoarders (errr, collectors) like myself is that if you let your canvases and stitch guides age for a few years, all sorts of new thread opportunities arise to enliven your work. I don't have to use Medici and perle cotton. I can use Belle Soie and Belle Lusso and Silk Lame. Ahhh the joy of thread!

Here's where I actually am on Live Simply --
2011 06 09 011
I'm doing it on a Vintage patterned white. I think in the end the pattern on the fabric will lend a nice touch to the Peacock Waterlilies.

Here's the very miniscule progress I've made on Beatrix.
2011 06 09 012
Her problem is she's too big to work on on the bus to/from work, and by the time I get home I'm mostly too tired to stitch, so she gets relatively few hours. Poor thing. I really like her.

This was a handy bus project, but it got left out of the bag one day so it's still not done:
2011 06 09 013

This is ANOTHER new start. Yes, as a matter of fact I should have my head examined--
2011 06 09 016
That's Sampler Girl's "Hope Perches" with threads switched to Belle Soie (Indigo and Noir, I think). She was what I worked on on the ride in this morning and I got most of "feathers" put in so already the pic is out of date.

Here's Rose City Stitchers--
2011 06 09 019
It got some time under the needle last night. I really do like it, but I'm tired of lines and vines.

And for the prettiest pictures--
2011 05 15 049
Meet Daniel. Who truly couldn't be any cuter.
I think he has a future in music since he loves to listen to music. And since he also loves to stick out his tongue I fear he may eventually lead a Kiss tribute band.
2011 05 15 069
I was never a Kiss fan, but I might see my way clear for such an adorable great nephew.
For the record, he's a really good baby, but his favorite Aunt Ruth trick is to wrap his fingers in my hair and scream. This is not what you call relaxing.

Have a great weekend to all and to all happy stitching!


Margaret said...

Awww, your great nephew is adorable!! And all your stitching projects! Glorious! I like Beth's new design too. Love those horses!

Hazel said...

Hi Ruth. Nice to see you blogging again. I do like the new Haeartstrings one. I saw it yesterday. Gorgeous nephew. awww. xx

Beth said...

I was really happy to see you back in blogland! I love your choice of Peacock Waterlilies for Live Simply - beautiful. I know I have a lot of WIP's, but I am quite sure you have me beat - LOL!!

Julie said...

Great projects and an adorable little nephew!

Marie-P said...

Daniel is just too cute!
Your post has inspired me to take a look
In my neglected WIP basket, just a look
however, nothing more. :)

Karen said...

love all the projects you have going there! I do like Hope Perches too! have several of her designs awaiting stitch time. LOL and yes, he is just too cute for words!and i have the same little "gym" for Shane our little bundle of chunkiness grandson. :)

Siobhan said...

What an adorable baby!! He is too cute.

I love all of your WIPs. Reading your posts always makes me want to rush to my stash and start new things while laughing maniacally. I do need to start something patriotic... hm...