Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Does it have to be summer?

I don't want it to get hot. Hot interferes with my stitching. Then again so does work and yet I tolerate that. Hmmmm.

Before the heat sets in, I've been trying to be productive (and I have to catch up on pictures I owe you).....

First, I can belatedly show my most recent finish all framed up --
2011 06 03 002
That's Ursula Michaels' We the People which I did for my shop owner because she fell in love with the one I did for my nephew. It's poofed in an old barn-wood-ish red frame. And just to show the sort of reverence with which we all hold our shop owner--- below is the framing ticket showing the charges owing on the piece ....
2011 06 03 005
Yup, we work with smart aleks. Mind you the owner didn't even notice. lol

Here'e an out-of-date pic of SB Joy in the Journey:
2011 05 20 107
I actually have pretty much everything in but the backstitching and the random specialty stitches. This may languish a while given my propensity to hate LFBs [Little Fiddly Bits].

Currently I'm enamoured of this Artists Collection summer quilt needlepoint--
2011 06 09 001
This pic too is out of date, but you may get lucky later this week and see something more. Although, not much more because I've been stalled by the thread I picked to replace the one in the house. I pulled a Grandure but it's too think, which is a real bummer because I really like Grandure's red.

Papillon's Live Simply has stalled at this point:
2011 06 13 022
No real reason. It's a little hard to hold on the bus and I got enamoured with other things I guess. Maybe next week it'll come back out to play. I do so love the Waterlillies feel though.

Sampler Girls' Hope is coming along well.
2011 06 13 024
I have more words and even a couple birds in now, and I have to say, Bell Soie is lovely to work with.

Ladies Day has a couple more pots completed --
2011 06 13 025
I have to say it's really cool to work on this canvas because pretty much every section is perfetly scaled to be big enough not to be fiddly, but not so big as to get boring.

Beatrix is also stalled....
2011 06 13 027
She's made it this far and no farther. Maybe I'm scared to finish her because then I'll have to face the fact that I have nowhere to hang her.

Months ago I started on Balckbird's Joyeaux Noel
2011 06 13 030
Yup. That is as far as I have gotten-- a tail feather outline and part of a leaf. I stitched one night and have left it lie ever since. Pathetic. I know. I'm doing it over one on a light green jobelan but switching the colors out for Bell Soie.

Well, back to the grindstone. It's been a busy day --- including hte lunch spent helping to engineering and build the office's entries in tomorrow's downtown paper boat race. We're entering a two-sailed pirate ship and a flaming cheese.... don't ask. I'm not even sure I understand and I was there when the concept was born.


Margaret said...

Nice framing! All the WIPs look great too!

Beth said...

We The People is fantastic!! I have never considered doing anything like that, but I may HAVE to consider it now - gee thanks! I think it is really cool that you work on so many different things both in style and in consistency - that has to keep you interested.

Brigitte said...

Great framing! And wow, your WIPs look really gorgeous. I always love to see your progress on Beatrix, because I like the different reddish colours you stitch it with.

Hazel said...

Ahhh we all have stalled projects - some I haven't touched in years so don't beat yourself up. They al look lovely and I am sure you will get back into them. x

Vonna said...

Ruth, I love, love, love your America framed piece. GORGEOUS!!!

Deb said...

Love your framed piece and you have some wonderful WIPS!

essay said...
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Terri M said...

Heh, love the framing bill. :D And the piece, so very much. How kind of you to stitch this for your shop owner. Beautiful pics.