Thursday, June 09, 2011

Bad blogger. Baaad, baaaaaaad blogger.

2011 05 09 166
Yes, I have been bad. And it's even worse than just being MIA. Not only did I go missing from Blogland, but I went on vacation too! --hanging head in shame and shuffling feet in a tone of penitence-- Will you forgive me? I suppose you realize that's just silly -- regardless of your forgiveness, I will have gone on vacation.

In my defense, I did think of ya'll while I was away --
2011 05 09 180
That there in Martha Washington on her front porch at Mount Vernon with her stitching in the basket by her side. I was so pleased that she was happily spending a day stitching with company dropping in. I'm sure she did it for us.

There has been stitching going on my in neck of the woods. However, much to my shame, what primarily has taken over my life/needles has been New Starts. I ssimply can't keep myself from starting new projects. What gives??!! I *want* to finish things. Really, I do! But instread of working my way through any of the several dozen WIPs I have, I go and start something else. Sigh. Maybe it's in the water? Does late-Spring pollen cause startitis?

Anyway, here are some of the recent adventures:
Beatrix Potter is underway occasionally --
2011 03 01 032
I even got anohter beaded bit in --
2011 03 01 033
I must say that as mush as I enjoy beading and like the effect, I have to admit that it's damned annoying when you're trying to allign your hoop for the next motif over.

Joy in the Journey is a lot more complete than this...
2011 05 20 107
I'm at the point that I always get to in a SB piece though -- the point at which it's all really little fiddly bits and back stitching. You know how well that goes over with me.

Here's one of the new starts--
2011 03 17 040
I'm doing it over one in misc silks and loving it. I'm a lot further along than this, but someone's mislayed her pics again.
2011 03 17 042

And another new start is Martina's Tsunami Sampler which I have wanted to do for a while. So in honor of our Japanese friends I hauled it out and decided to do it primarily in pinks (for the cherry blossoms).
2011 03 17 036
2011 03 17 037
Since this pic was taken I've picked up some more colors, got them all arranged as substitutes for the colors called for, and gotten going on the stitching.

Another new start -- Papillon's Live Simply in Waterlillies Peacock
2011 05 20 108

Here's the ultimate proof on how bad the photo collection is... this piece is actually done-- Ursula Michaels "We the People"
2011 03 01 029

I think we're missing another 2-3 starts too. Sigh. And you know what I want to do more than anything right now? Yup, start another project.

I went holidaying in DC as usual. 'Twas my sister's birthday and a chance to play with my new great nephew. And yes, I owe many pictures, but.. can you guess what's coming?.... I seem to have misplaced the downloads. Sigh. They'll come eventually. There was as usual much art. There was also much beer, but I don't think I bothered with pictures of the beer.

For the record it's mostly the dreaded Work that has kept me away from you all. It seems to be a never ending series of "emergencies." Always someone else's emergencies, mind you. All things considered, I suppose that's all work really is--- a long series of other people's emergencies interrupting your day. Ocassionaly a day has highlights -- yesterday we had a spirited debate about the kosherness of my usage of the word "explicate" instead of "explain." I agrued that if I had to do the damned report, it was my language choice. I also held that it didn't matter whether I chose a 19th Century word or not, since the foriegn-language translator is probably going to write it as "to use ducks excessively in a heat wave" anyway (no, I don't have much faith in the translator).

See you tomorrow! --she says being hopeful--


Margaret said...

Well you might have been a bad blogger, but you've made up for it with all the eye candy in this post. lol! Great projects you've got going! I love Martha sitting on her porch too!

Gillie said...

Oh dear, oh dear, vacation and Startitis, a bad case by all accounts, tut! Lovely ones though, I can see why you succumbed. Look forward to seeing the missing pics when they deign to show up.

Maureen said...

well you are let off with the holidays as they are definitely allowed but you should know that startitis is contagious - now that i have seen all your nice new starts, i am feeling a break out of it over here - you are a bad bad blogger lol!!

Kathy Ellen said...

While you were away from "bloggerland", you certainly have made a lot of stitching progress instead! Wonderful projects....especially love "Beatrix Potter", one of my favorites! Will look forward to seeing more pics.