Sunday, June 08, 2008

Thank you USPS

Hey all. Happy weekend! Well, what's left of it anyway.

Today I'm being grateful to the USPS for promptly delivering some stitching packages for me. Let's see.....

Teresa received her 4th of July F&S exchange:
5_16_2008 018
It's an adjusted version of Plum Street Sampler's "Liberty Street."

Marie received her F&S round 7 exchange:
5_28_2008 001
That's an adjusted version of a pattern whose name escapes me at the time. The funny thing is the same day Marie received this she also got an exchange from another group where the person did the same pattern! Of course, both of us stitching it adjusted it differently. lol

Kathryn received her PIF
1_25_2008 001
1_25_2008 006
It's been so long I can't remember where the pattern is from, but the thread is a Silk and Colors something-or-other.

And Barbara received her PIF:
4_06_2008 028
I had to stitch those bunnies!

They took far too long for me to finish and even longer for me to mail..... see the post a couple back about my post-office-visiting issue.

Well, I have piles and piles to do yet today. Due to office lameness here is what I'm facing:
6_2_2008 034
6_2_2008 035
6_2_2008 037
Wish me luck!

Oh, yeah, I have a needlepoint update for you, but that'll have to wait til later.

And thanks for the interest in a fantasy SAL. I'll probably set up a blog for anyone interested later this month. I figure a spot for visiting dragons and other fantastic stitching would be a cool place to hang out.

Recently finished: Rex Stout's A Family Affair -- outstanding! If I could reincarnate a mystery writer to hale and hearty writing form it would be Stout.
Wishing I was reading (instead of working): Charlaine Harris' Dead until Dark
Looking eagerly forward to: a new season of Army Wives starting tonight!!!


Barbara said...

I love what you sent me, but OH NO was that a PIF?? I didn't mean to sign up for any PIFs ... I've done them before, but my time is so cramped nowadays that I've been deliberately sitting out all the current PIF rounds.

Anyway, Little Beaver is happy with my tiniest babushka. They are of a size that he looks very much like her little pet - or familiar. Can a beaver be a familiar? Max has his greedy eye on the bunny spool - he is bunny crazy. I think we may share it - perhaps it will inspire his own stitching projects.

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Love the PIF you made for Kathryn and I was laughing that you took the picture with it sitting on your keyboard! :-)

I enjoyed seeing the squares and the spool PIF. Thank you so much for sharing.

The pictures of your office always make me laugh! I enjoy seeing someone else's craziness. For me it's not the office, it's the dining room where I am trying to organize the paperwork and the needlework stash. The paperwork is almost finished but the needlework is another story!

You are going to have to take a better picture of the green polka dot dog. I can guess there is a story about him.

And the orange/tangelo in the one corner is a hoot!

I always love visiting your blog but I don't think or you as "The Musing Badger" but rather "A Musing Badger" as you are very amusing!!!

Windy Meadow

Windy Meadow

Sonda in OR said...

Lovely little gifts that you made. Mine always makes me smile! Thanks for sharing the pics of your office space. We must be kindred spirits because that's my bonus room to a "T". LOL!

Ruth said...

Barbara... think of it as a RAK then :)

cathymk said...

Such lovely F&S's! And I love the PIF you sent Barbara!

Kathy A. said...

Lovely squares both sent and received. Your gift to Barbara was beautiful and I love those little spool thingies. Your desk made me laugh - mine looks much the same regardless as to how often I try to improve things. LOL said...

Beautiful stitchings!! I just love the little ornament you made for Kathryn!! And the spool looks FAB!

monique said...

Those spool ornaments are really neat :)

karen said...

Ruth, what a great gift. i love those spools, really cute.

your desk looks like my stitching stash. LOL my closet is overflowing and needs to be organized yet again. OY

oh yeah, i have updated my blog with my embarrassing, head hanging in shame pics of my wip's/ufo's.

Lennu said...

Lovely stitching, great gifts! The spool is gorgeous :)

Lelia said...

Awesome squares; however, the bunnies are sooooo cuuuuttteee : ) Luv the spool!!

Yasmin said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog. By the way, I love the bunnies finishing. It is a wooden thread spool? What did you finish it into? Is it used as a fob? LOL! Sorry for the many questions. I'm curious and interested in making one too.. Hope you don't mind that I steal your idea. LOL.

Teddy Harvia said...


Thank you for the kind words on the 1000-word WorldCon panel that David Brin, Frank Wu, and I participated in. David's kids and wife said they'd never seen him perform like that before.

We are already planning a repeat at Anticipation, although with a completely different story line.