Friday, June 20, 2008

Blessing to the mailman!

Hey everyone! Lookie what I received from Marie for Fair and Square exchange round 7:
6_19_2008 005
6_19_2008 007
I am a lucky ole soul, aren’t I? Marie stitched me part of LHN’s school sampler in a beautiful read from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. Thank you very, very much, Marie. You made my week!

Hey Vonna – I made progress upwards from your legs ---
6_19_2008 004

Here’s wishing you all a simply beautiful rest of your day!

Recently completed: John Le Carre’s A Call for the Dead. This is his first Smiley novel for those of you familiar with these things. I got it in Audible’s recent half-price sale and I have to say it’s confirmed my suspicion that some books shouldn’t be listened to. Spy novels are apparently part of that non-audible club. I still like Le Carre, but it’ll be a cuddle up and read not a stitch and listen.
Just completed: Rex Stout’s Not Quite Dead Enough. Darn I love Nero Wolfe. And this one has pigeons – and well-done pigeons as key characters. Ya gotta love it.
Currently reading because I can’t find Sookie #2 – Rachael Caine’s Ill Wind. It might be good, but I’ll take a while to decide since I keep reading with the front part of my brain while the back part wonders where that next Sookie book got off to.


Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

That is a beautiful exchange!

Well you've made some progress because at least he now has his tuckus! He just needs his arms, his head, and his fife, and of course his hat. We can't forget the hat! LOL

On the East Coast we don't have much left of our day so I'm going to just take those well wishes and extend them to the whole weekend! I plan on stitching a lot as I have a Wednesday deadline for my Bargello Challenge!

Have a great weekend!

Windy Meadow

Barbara said...

Congratulations on receiving such a beautiful exchange! :D Your legs are looking good, too. ;) Enjoy a wonderful weekend!!!

(Beaver says hello!)

Itching To Stitch said...

Beautiful piece you received from Marie ;)

Sally said...

Lovely F&S squares. Makes me want to pull my Schoolgirl Lessons out and stitch it!

Nice legs!

Paisley said...

Fabulous exchange goodies! I see the legs now have a torso attached. Great progress!

Melody said...

I just had to comment, because I too, love nero wolfe books. They are all classics. Great stitching progress. Have a good weekend.

Sonda in OR said...

Lovely exchange. Marie does beautiful work. Glad to see the disembodied legs have more substance to them!! :)

Rachael said...

Great exchange package!!
Hugs Rachael

Sharon said...

Gorgeous exchange!