Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dang, you guys are good!

Either you're that good, or I’m that bad. I knew what I was stitching, and to me it just looked like a blob – and not a very Christmassy blob either. Lol I had thought I’d give step-by-step updates, so since I have the pics…..
6_23x_2008 001
6_23x_2008 006
And here he is in all his glory:
6_25_2008 004
As an aside, I was reminded by this pattern how much I dislike charts that have you outline randomly with no regard to where the colors actually change or even where there actually is stitching. Does this bug you too?

I have my Christmas in July exchange ready to go. Here’s the ornie I did all stuffed and ready:
6_22_2008 008
Hopefully it will make someone happy.

Currently listening to: Leonie Swann’s Three Bags Full – think of cozy, village detective story where a village shepherd is killed. Only the detectives are his flock of sheep. So far it has some really cute elements, but I have to say that sometimes I have to concentrate thoroughly to get the little bits of detective character ascribed to each sheep and to translate a sheep’s understanding of humans into human.


Barbara said...

Yes, those kind of patterns drive me nuts. ;)

Mel said...

thats adorable. I love the ornie you did. Someone is very lucky!

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

You've received some wonderful exchanges recently!

Plus you've finished several ornaments, added to your stash, and now the Halloween Fairy has legs part of her feet! You've been busy since the last time I had a chance to check your blog!

In Windy Meadow where we are now humming ZZ Top!

Chiasmata said...

He's cute! I stitched quite a few pengiun ornie last Christmas, so the colours were pretty familiar. Two great little finishes there, and very festive!

I don't mind the 'sketchy' backstitch style some charts have, but it is a massive pain to stitch.