Sunday, January 06, 2008

Some NYC pics

Sorry for the delay, but I got waylaid by by trying to figure out how to get pics from the new picture program my BIL kindly installed for me into a format for this blog. I'm sure I picked the long way, but at least I have some now! lol

We arrived in NYC on the 27th via Amtrak from DC's Union Station to NYC's Penn Station and we wandered towards our hotel taking in the City while my long-suffering BIL hauled luggage. Bless him!

We hiked passed Macy's windows which were really neat, but you get a perfect picture of life in the big city when you note that the cotton wool snow in the decorative trees of their displays is grey!

We lunched at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill where I learned my first crucial thing -- all margarita's should be tangerine margaritas!!!
Meet my appetizer -- the raw tuna nachos:

Across from the Flatiron Building, we wandered through a really cool little art park which featured this piece -- "Conjoined"
img_6525_edited-1 conjoined
Here are my kind kidnappers in front of the park's tree with the Flatiron in the background:

Eventually we headed down the Book Path of brass plaques like this one
that lead to the "mother church" (aka the New York Public Library)

Across the street and a little down (I think) was a branch of the library where my BIL caught what turns out to be my favorite shot of me of the trip -- me, a brary, a watch-for-pedestrians sign, etc. Several essential elements of life all right there...

I also accidentally found the Library hotel where the rooms are Deweyed lol

We ended the evening in a wander passed Lord and Taylor's windows
and traipsed through Bryant Park--- hi Tim Gunn and struggling fashion designers of Project Runway!!!

Day two started with a trip to join the Today Show crowds; I shall spare you the pics. Then we wandered the area visiting St. Patrick's
Before heading to the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center)
which is stunning, but even there we couldn't escape modern era branding --
Jeez -- anteroom brought to you by Target?????

We left the heights of Rockefeller Center for the Rockettes!
Tres wonderful -- and check out the chandelier!

Afterwards we were off for more wanders which led us to the Alwyn Court Apts and its beautiful facade
through Central Park where my sister discovered a raccoon family

Here are the kidnapping duo and 4 million of their friends in Times Square

We stayed at a cool boutique hotel called Casablanca about a quarter of a block from Times Square -- I'd highly recommend them.

Day three was spent down around battery Park and Wall St -- starting with the Smithsonian's Heye Center which was the nation's Indian Museum before the NMAI opened on DC's Mall
12_29_2007 006

From battery park you can see the Heye Center in the background of The Sphere, the installation that was in front of the Twin Towers on 9-11
12_29_2007 036

We took a water taxi tour of the waterfront for some spectacular views--
12_29_2007 117
12_29_2007 153
and my humorous pic of the day -- note the location of the satellite tv dish lol
12_29_2007 162

More later. I need to pack up for the day!


Kathryn said...

I love the Alwyn Court Apts. They are gorgeous. Lots of beautiful pictures here. Thanks. You can always come to Vegas for another Tangerine Margarita -- Bobby Flay has a restaurant here, too.

Chris said...

Love the pictures Ruth. Hope you have gotten needed sleep to get back on Pacific time.

Sweet Pea said...

Isn't that Target thing AWFUL??? It was the most annoying thing about Top of the Rock, especially since we went when it was dark out and those lights are hell on your eyes.

Great pics!

Barbara said...

GREAT pictures!! Almost makes me want to go to NYC. ;)

Kim said...

Looks like you saw a lot of cool stuff while you were in town. I walk through Madison Square Park on my way to work and pass "Conjoined" a few times a week, so I love that photo best. Did you make it to Strand while you were in the area?

Stitch Wizard said...

Hi Ruth:

It is just really great meeting you!! Thank you for stopping into my blog and for your really nice comment!! Your blog is just awesome with all of these pictures!! I have never been to New York but looking at these makes it look like it would be just great seeing everything!! Please do visit my blog again sometime soon!! Debby :)

Michele said...

welcome home! I'm sooo jealous! I've always wanted to see NY! Great pictures .. thanks for sharing!

hmmmmmm, tangerine eh? I'll have to see if they are doing them out west! lol

Cheryl said...

LOVE your pictures Ruth! We were in NYC in March 2004 and i loved it

Sharon said...

Awesome pictures Ruth! Thanks for sharing!

Wawanna said...

Well looks like you figured it out, and did very well indeed. The pictures are awesome, now we know about anoter talent you have, photography. They are so very clear, I feel I was there with you. Love reading your blog. Best Wishes, so happy that you had such a glorious trip. What fun!

Sandy said...

All the photos are beautiful. Never been to New York but one day hope to make it there. TFS.