Thursday, January 31, 2008

So many happy dances... so little time

For the amount of happy dancing I'm owed you'd think I was Ginger Rogers.

Mr. Framer sped though Anita's framing so here's the M-Designs personalized sampler all framed:
1_31_2008 002
1_31_2008 004

I got the stitching done for a make-up ornie for Simone's 2007 exchange:
1_31_2008 008
sorry for the blurry-- I couldn't take a clear pic of this to save my life

Here's a PIF piece for someone (PS Cranberry Christmas over one in DMC and Sampler Threads):
1_31_2008 009
Can't tell you who yet and can't show you the whole thing.

And the first of my houses for the Bride's Tree SAL -- It's JBW Designs from one of the JCS ornie issues. I changed all the colors, deleted the beads, and stitched it on opalescent white.
1_31_2008 019

See! Much dancing and general frivolity.

Quote of the day: "Places to go. People to damage." Mr. Van der Mer -- Neverwhere -- Neil Gaiman
Auxiliary Quote of the day: "Never pick yourself a name you can't scrub the floor in." Granny Weatherwax -- Maskerade -- Terry Pratchett
Currently reading: Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere (brilliant, simply brilliant -- that man's mind is something else) and Butcher's Storm Front
Recently finished: Pratchett's Maskerade -- lol as usual.


Jennifer said...

That PIF piece is just darling!!!

Jennifer said...
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Barbara said...

Wow, the framing is absolutely incredible!

Chris said...

All are beautiful my dear. Seeing the M-Designs personalized samplers you've completed makes me want to dig mine out and get back to work on it. Guess I can add 1 more thing to the 2008 Project list. :-)

Cheryl said...

You've been busy! Congrats!
The frame is gorgeous

Sharon said...

Beautiful framing! Your finishes are lovely!