Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life might suck. I'm not sure.

I'm in "glorious" cleaning and packing mode. Really and truly we're down to misc bits (those awkward things that don't really seem to go with anything else) and cleaning. I arrived Tuesday at mom's house as the advance guard for my sister's whirlwind plans for the weekend.

So far I've done battle with a small forest of black walnut tree saplings, dusted and scrubbed both floors of my old room (I even washed the staircase) and the bathroom, boxed up 4 sets of cut crystal stemware, moved some furniture around, begun the living room dusting in prep for tomorrow morning's primary cleaning adventure in here, and I even managed a minor foothill of office work. I've been kept company through most of it by bevies of calls asking how to deal with lost/injured birds (we've tried and tired to get the Humane Society to stop referring people to us to no avail) and some misc video tapes I brought along. I've run out of video tapes and now I'm being kept company by the DVDs of Timothy Hutton's Nero Wolfe-- he's the best Archie. Actually the whole cast of A&E's Nero Wolfe was outstanding. I mourned the end of its run.

During tonight's adventures I ran across these:

They all come from the same something or another, they're all related to/from the Field Museum in Chicago, and some of them are ads for taking the "Illinois Central" to the Field. Since I'm a fan of the Field, I am intrigued. I'll have to do some calling on them to find out what they are:

Here's what I'm working on this evening (I consider it evening until I go to bed-- no bed, no morning)

What do I really want to be doing instead --
Vierlancen 9/11/2007
Or one of the dozen or so ornies I still need to do. Sigh.
If I had them along I'd like to be working on --
Beatric Potter floss toss
from With needle and Thread
LK ornie collection
small Christmas southwestern
Susan Treglown quilt canvas

Quotes of the Day--yeah, yeah, I know, you can tell what I'm watching:

"It was nice, not dying with you."
Martha -- Doctor Who -- "42"

"And the scientific name for the disease you got is acute malignant optimism."
Archie Goodwin -- Nero Wolfe -- "The Silent Speaker"

"Don't hurry me; I'm nervous. I have the brains of a mollusk."
Archie Goodwin -- Nero Wolfe -- "The Silent Speaker"

"Admit no more displaced persons to this house. Two is enough."
Nero Wolfe -- Cop Killer

"If you shot her, send her brain to Johns Hopkins."
Archie Goodwin -- "The Silent Speaker"

Things to be thankful for: those "magnetic"/miracle dust cloths. God bless that inventor!!!!!!


Linen Stitcher said...

I love the colors on your Vierlanden Mystery Sampler. Have you used a variegated thread for the large emblem (and elsewhere), or is it just nicely shaded using non-variegated threads? Hope you get to work on it again soon!

Michele said...

I sure don't blame you for wanting to stitch instead of cleaning and packing!

I do love everything you are working on!

love all the quotes .. but I think this one is my fav .. "Admit no more displaced persons to this house. Two is enough." lol

cant' wait to see you in MB!!