Monday, September 24, 2007

The continuing saga --

Thank you all for your kind comments. I appreciate you dropping by.

The cleaning and sorting continued through dawn on Sunday. We’re ready for the estate agents to take over and we only have a few bits of our stuff to deal with. It was a very-productive, extra-long weekend. Trust me, fellow hoarders, throw it away now.

We had saved some of the coolest goodies for last – namely the great grandmothers’ needlework. Here’s a close up of that one I said looked like a cobweb. It’s made out of sewing thread and Grandma Rosemary probably did it in her 80s!

Further goodies (primarily by Grandma Rosemary):

Sure, this was not handmade, but how pretty is this memento of the 1922 California Orange Show. There were two of these. My sister picked this one and I haven’t taken a pic of mine yet.

Quilting was a talent of my grandma, both of her grandmothers, and both of my grandpa’s grandmothers. The first few pictures (of the fan pattern in silks) are by one of the grandmothers and were part of a show at the Worchester Art Museum in the 1970s:

And you deserve a pic of the true funny—
At some point we left the aluminum lounger in that corner of the yard, and apparently we neglected to move it before the trees developed. Lol

For the record, after exiting the train, I didn't get a single bit of stitching in! Not a single stitch. But I was calculating my stitching needs last night. I have to get to work on the Fair Square for Vicki :) I hope she like it. I spent part of last night adjusting a pattern that I think will work out right well. I'd like it anyway. And I recalculated my ornie needs and upped my total still to do to 15. I have all the patterns picked out and I schemed a campaign. If nothing gets in thge way, I'll have them done by next Friday. Ok, so they aren't the largest stitching blocks in the world -- I still think they're cool. Just wait and see.

Currently reading: Sharyn McCrumb. Bimbos of the Death Sun (if you haven't experienced McCrumb's Bimbos, then you need to. I know there's a little debate on her and her take on fandom, but frankly I think she has us scfi folks down quite well-- damn, I know some of her characters all too well!); Pratchett Carpe Jugulm; and Simon Green The Man with the Golden Torc
Recently finished: Pratchett Guards! Guards! (I love Captain Vimes!)
Must do: Try and negotiate BBC America out of my #@&*(^@*^%# cable company. I ***need*** "Torchwood" and "The Sarah Jane Adventures"
Things to be thankful for: :) That's where Bimbos of the Death Sun is


Linen Stitcher said...

What a truly lovely collection this is! I especially love the one shown in the first photo, and the silk fan quilts are gorgeous!

Barbara said...

OMG, your grandmother was a seriously talented lady!!! I'm drooling over those laces!

Michele said...

I'm awestruck! the lace dollies are soooo incredible and delicate and the fan quilt is amazing!

I had a great chuckle over the lounge .. looks like something we would do!

good luck with your schedule for the ornaments! selfishly, I hope nothing gets in the way of you finishing them .. cause I WANT one! lol Can't wait to see you in MB :)

Ruth said...

Thank you ladies. Rosemary would be proud of your compliments. She was amazingly talented.

and Michele-- neither rain nor sleet nor knotty thread shall thwart me in my Pals Ornie creation! lol