Monday, September 03, 2007

Catching Up (aka The Wonders of Friends)

Catch ups.

I need to belatedly share the wonderfulness of my former coworkers. My last day on campus was august 3rd, but last weekend my former boss threw a party at her house to celebrate the end of my tenure with the engineering library on campus. Her husband made two varieties of the world’s best enchiladas with some simply yummy Spanish rice (the best I've ever had) and beans as sides, and my boss made salsa to go with chips and veggies. Oh, and did I mention the chocolate fountain with strawberries, angel food cake, marshmallows, and frozen bananas (and for Daniel and I who like to try things—a tortilla chip and a black olive—IMHO, a chocolate-covered olive is better than a chocolate-covered tortilla chip). Trust me, you wish you’d been there for dinner! We sat and laughed ourselves silly on the deck (some of us sipped margaritas which may have added to the humor).

It was a lovely evening, and I’m eternally grateful—and not just because they gave me gifts! lol
Flowers from my birthday-twin, Paul
flowers from Paul
Books to help me be better at my job from my former officemate who is now so happily retired it’s disgusting!
books from Aggi
The world’s most perfect tote for me from Cathy who will have to deal with the less-than-logical grad students on her own now
the perfect tote from Cathy
A t-shirt from my boss who I have called "Goddess" for years -- I'm so proud!
I was
Directional fetish from the world’s most wonderful head of collection development (possibly it’s also a bribe for me to occasionally, accidentally spend a day helping her clean her office). Directional fetishes include in one piece all the animals representing the directions in the Native American pantheon -- N, S, E, W, overhead, and underground-- and yes, that's a penny for comparison and my beloved badger (representative of the south) is the center one in this view (he's between the bear and wolf)--
Antia's 6-directional
the other side has the cougar and eagle:
Antia's 6-directional
and underneath we have the mole:
Antia's 6-directional

Photo/memory book from absolutely everyone…. Now I can never forget all OMG 19.5 years! As if I could. If you guys are reading, you’re THE BEST. The Hierarchy sucks big time, Administration has the brains of… well… err… actually it doesn’t have any brains at all so I can’t come up with a comparison (certainly some fence posts I’ve known have been near geniuses in comparison), but even with those albatrosses, you guys are THE ALL-TIME, ABSOLUTE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m still not used to not going to a different job every other day, but I suppose I’ll adjust. I’m certainly finding more of the top of my counter. I probably found half of it yesterday. … I knew you’d be proud!

On the stitching front I have been making some progress you can’t see because it’s a secret. Sigh. Someday I’ll show you, honest. What I can show you is the bits I’ve gotten in on Mirabilia’s Halloween Fairy:
Halloween Fairy 8/30/2007

And I got some of the house filled in (with Weeks Whitewash) on Midsummer Nights Designs Quaker Meetinghouse (I did a couple windows in yellow since I always leave the light on at mom's....
Quaker Meetinghouse 8/31/2007

You will note the absence of Christmas ornies and the Vierlanden. They are going with me to CopperCon this week. I’ll also be taking a certain very whiny friend’s RR. Yeah, I’m late, but you know what? You are not allowed to whine because you haven’t gotten your RR back when you didn’t start it anyway because you weren’t going to join at all. lol

Quote of the day (and certainly of my week last week): “Repressing your desire to pound people into the mud is a *good* thing.” Orson Scott Card – LosCon27 – November 25, 2000
Sorry to see it end: Ice Road Truckers
Can’t believe they nixed: Tre from America’s Next Top Chef!!!!!!
Currently reading: Simon Green’s The Man with the Golden Torc; Pratchett’s Guards! Guards!
Recently finished: Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters and Stout’s Champagne for One
Things to be thankful for
: electric staplers (I had a couple hundred articles to collate and staple this weekend so I am greatly pleased with the invention of he electric stapler at the moment.)


Kathryn said...

I totally agree. Electric staples are one of the seven wonders of the world! I say this as someone who has to staple (and mail) 1,000 flyers every year. Thank God for self-sticking stamps also.

So what exactly will you be doing now that you are leaving your old tenure?

Ruth said...

OMG Kathryn. I've been swamped and missing your blog! Tomorrow!!! Tomorrow is Kathryn Blog Day. Sheesh -- all the news all the pics!

Yes, here here for self-sticking stamps!

And as for work, I'm just continuing on with my other full-time job. lol

Can't wait to read all about WorldCon.

Sandy said...

Well I don't know if I should say Congrats, Good luck or what....are you sad to go? I'm sure you are going to miss you're friends you made. Those margaritas sure do sound good, gosh I miss having those. Yummm. The flowers are so pretty. And I love your stitching, great pieces. And I love the Ice Road Truckers show too. The little figurine is cute, love how it's more than one thing all in one.

Where are you going next? Take care, I've been so busy I haven't been able to post to anyone for most of the summer, teenagers you know....they tend to take all your time. I want some of my time back!!!! :P

Kathryn said...

It won't take long to catch up on my blog. Not much stitching and not many posts. I've tried to keep the Worldcon stuff to a minimum so that I don't bore the rest of the world to death. Big SMOFfish news is that Montreal beat Kansas City for the 2009 Worldcon. Lots of reasons why, but this is now twice that Kansas City has lost a contested bid. 2010, Melbourne, of course; 2011, Seattle? 2012, Texas? 2013, Europe again?

And the Hugo news is that Langford beat Scalzi for Best Fan Writer by ONE vote (and Patrick Neilen Hayden beat Jim Baen by two votes).

linda said...

nice work..i am just wondering aren't you forgetting your alphabet 'j' on your sampler...or it is supposed to be omitted ...