Saturday, August 18, 2007


I finished another TWO! Yes, siree, sir another pair of ornies bit the dust yesterday. The first found completion at lunch and is in 3 DMCs on a natural linen and the pattern is Papillon’s Serendipity Sampler part 5 without the outer border. I like it enough to want to do another in similar greens and maybe one in reds too. Hmmmm.
Papillon Serenity sampler part 5  8/17/2007

The second is the long-suffering Dutch motif in Carrie’s Highland Hills and DMC blanc. I think this will remain mine. I finished it during the stitch-in.
Dutch motif 8/17/2007

Speaking of the stitch-in, here’s the clan – That’s Judy wreathed in Mill Hill reindeer (she’s doing one for each family member):
Judy wreathed in dear deer 8/17/2007

Then there’s Allison working on a box for her Star Wars episodes:
Allison does Star Wars 8/17/2007

And Jenn showing off parts of her pieced needlepoint poodle from Sew Much Fun (if you’ve never done one of their animals, you can try one in safety knowing that they do excellent stitch guides and paint their canvases very well):
Jenn and poodle legs 8/17/2007

And here’s my proof that I was in attendance—iced tea, scissors, and the Dutch piece….
I was there 8/17/2007

Sad to say, today is not about stitching. Today is about cleaning my office. Wish me luck!

Quote of the day in honor of the “big” memo I sent out to all offices this week—I’m quite sure no one trembled because I’d lay a quarter on the line that no one opened it yet:
“The sub-lords of Hell trembled. This was going to be dreadful. It might even result in a memo.” Pratchett -- Eric

Looking forward to rewinding for viewing: Painkiller Jane and Doctor Who
The jury’s still out on (since I haven’t watched episode 1 yet):
Flash Gordon
Currently reading: Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett; Simon Green’s The Man with the Golden Torc, and Stout’s Champagne for One
Things to be thankful for (I’m stealing this brilliant idea from Michele.. thanks Pal!): Friends who call even when you’ve been MIA for too long. Thanks SandyLou! Love ya.


Vonna said...

I've just spent a lovley 1/2 hour reading through your blog :)
What a lovely inspiring woman you are! I love all the photos :)
Did you know that Chilully (sp?) has a large display at the Indianapolis Children's should go look at their site...he did a 4 floor piece for them :) GORGEOUS!

choko said...

Thank you visiting for my blog and comment.Very beutiful colors!!I love it!!

Michele said...

love the new finishes! you can steal ideas from me again time .. I stole that idea from someone's blog a couple of years ago .. and there's a couple more bloggers that do the same thing .. enjoy it!

Lavender Rose said...

Well, well, a stitching group that actually stitches together and gets stuff done!!? I'm impressed! :) We get a stitch or two done, but mostly chat and eat and look at eachothers' work! LOL I love reading your blog...
BTW, you are reading some very interesting things...I'm thinking I need a personal book review...
Deb in FL