Sunday, August 12, 2007

Behind again

Oh so much to cover and I'm too dang tired to do it.

First things first... I have stash. More stash I really don't need. What was I thinking? Besides not really needing these, they just prove that I'm slow. But getting them made me happy. I'm sure you understand. LK ornie collection
The same day those goodies arrived courtesy of my buddy Judy. She apparently decided I needed a no-reason surprise so she handed me:
Now you must know what the presence of new stash does to me. I want to start everything now. That's probably why I have needles in a dozen things.

I'd love to show off some recent finishes. I have them. Honest, I do! Several. Oh, ok. I have 4. But I can't show them to you because they might be for you. So you have to trust me when I say I *have* been stitching. All I can show you though is that I made some progress on my Midsummer Night Designs "My Quaker House" Midsummer Night Designs My Quaker House as of about 8/1/2007 It's my intent to do the house in Weeks Whitewash. All that needs doing is the filler in the house, the top motif, and the initials/date.

The only other stitching I can share is a little bit I did on the train here for another long weekend of cleaning and packing. It's the beginnings of a Christmas ornie:
ornie in progress 8/10/2007

Let's see, I'm way overdue on finishing the Napa adventure, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the winery where I bought all my wine. "All" meaning 3 bottles. But sheesh it was yummy. I just had to. Trust me. It was essential. The perfect vintage of slightly sweet white. Yum. The funny bit was my sister who very intelligently thought to ask "do you have a cork screw? How about a resealer?" LOL Since the answer to #1 was "no," what do you think the answer to #2 is? :) I own both now. I haven't opened the wine though. It's still living on my office floor since it is to dang hot in my hovel for wine to be happy there.

Other than that, I also need to update you on all those quilt squares I was cutting. Here are the finished piles along with the binding strips:
my quilt cuts
The blue is the binding and highlight for the front of the quilt and the tan is for the back. Mine will look like my sister's which we picked up last time my sister was home from the ladies of my church's quilt group. The squares are from mom's V*A*S*T fabric collection. A lot of them are our old clothes or pending projects.
Naomi and her quilt
The AUMC Quilters
Naomi, Arlene and The Mom Quilt
The inner band on the top of the quilt is hand quilted and the rest of the top is tied.

I'll leave you with this little chuckle. My sister decided she would like to take the skunk sculpture home with her so she had me rinse it off last time she was here. We were heading out at the time and while I was wrapping up the hose she put the skunk "by the door" to await our return. I turn around to face the following---
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that there is a skunk butt facing the world on our *welcome* mat!!!!


Kathryn said...

No question but you need to start one or two of those Flip Its. At least they are small. Then you can feel that you are not falling COMPLETELY behind your stash. At least you didn't buy any BIG projects or one over 40 count like I did. What was I thinking?!?

Michele said...

woo hoo new stash! what are you going to start first??

your sister's quilt is beautiful!