Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Adventures in La La Land

Well, I did it. I booked my hotel and flights for CopperCon ( Whooooooo So, I’ll be spending a long weekend in Phoenix with Charlaine Harris and a small herd of fen. Such fun. Such glee. Practically bliss. A whole weekend of scifi and stitching interspersed with visits to the 3 Heard Museums and a general wander around Phoenix. I’m really looking forward to it. Of course between now and then I’ll be working 20 hours a day and having another cleaning/packing week at mom’s. But now I have the fun of a few week of plotting and scheming about what to pack. There are few things as fun to me as planning packing for a trip. Ok, the only fun part is planning the stitching and the reading, but still, I take my fun where I can get it. As a matter of fact, let's start now.... I think I'll take my Vierlanden (since it's long-since time I should pick it up again)-- it still only looks about like this:
Vierlanden-- so far to go -- 4/30/2007
and, of course, I'll *have* to bring some ornies (maybe even some of the new Lizzie Kate's).

The long weekend of cleaning last weekend was productive and yet annoying. I’m pretty pleased with what I got trashed, recycled, and/or boxed. I even found a home for my dad’s pigeon magazines. Yes, I said pigeon. We were a big pigeon family – hundreds of pigeons of all sorts of breeds in the back yard. We raced and showed them for years and years. My favs were the ice pigeons and my dad’s bronze tipplers (no pics at hand), as well as fantails:
And blue-bar show pens
blue bar show pen homer
Anyway, enough with my favorite feathered friends. The excitement of the weekend for me was finding a happy home for all of dad's magazines. 6-ish paper boxes of various title will be going to live in the library and collections of the World of Wings (, a pigeon museum in Oklahoma. I can even get dad a memorial brick in their walkway. The thought still makes me grin. It's the little things that make my day.

I do have a bit of stitching to share. I completed the ornie from the train:

And I started another on the train ride back from mom's (Papillon’s Serendipity Sampler part 5):
Papillon Serendipity part 5

Currently reading: Simon Green – The Man with the Golden Torc (I love Simon Green!!!!)
Jasper Fforde – The Big Over Easy (you know, I might like this even better than The Eyre Affair)
Stout—Champagne for One – brilliant as ever


Kathryn said...

We probably should go to CopperCon to publicize Westercon 61, but we will just be back from Japan and heading back to Maui the next week. I guess I will have to wait until LosCon to share stitchy goodness.

Yes, that is what I am doing this week. Packing for Japan. What stitching to take, what books to take (most of my Brins are already signed, so I won't have to take those -- GOOD, they are heavy.) And I suppose some clothes in there somewhere. We leave for San Francisco on the 22th and for Japan the next day. We like to get to overseas cons early to get over jetlag. So five days in Tokyo, then on to Yokohama. James is working the Art Show and I will be working Hugos. Have fun at CopperCon.

Michele said...

Sounds like you'll have a blast at Coppercon! nice stitching :) Who's the designer for the Joy ornie?? I think I must have it! lol

wow, that is soo cool about the pigeons! and great that you could find a good place to donate all his stuff! Mom had a pigeon that adopted her kitchen window, years ago .. she named him Walter, of course! lol .. he hung around for quite a few years .. she really enjoyed him :)

Ruth said...

Kathryn, Today my color is green with envy! :)

Ruth said...

Michele -- Funny, my uncle Walter raised pigeons too.

I left you a comment about the ornie-- the short version is you could pick it at the Pals raffle in Myrtle beach this year ;-)

Kathryn said...

Yes, Lubov is our AGoH. She lives in Las Vegas and we are friends with her and her husband, Merric.

Can I say that I am not looking forward to Japan? Crowded, noisy, full of public transportation and signs you can't read? Now, we love to travel and love Europe, but we also love to DRIVE. We lived in New Zealand and have no trouble driving in England on the "other side". But we are going. We are part of the Floating Worldcon Concom and Peggy Rae expects us there. I'm sure it will be fine, but this is one con I am not looking forward to.