Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hello out there

I'm not bragging. Really I'm not. I know much of the world is really slogged with winter right now, but I can't help but share pictures of the pansies on Mom's patio. My sister and I planted them in January and they are still thriving despite an intervening freeze.
Mom's pansies Mom's pansies Mom's pansies Mom's pansies Mom's pansies Mom's pansies Mom's pansies Mom's pansies
See? Aren't they beautiful? Possible they can give you hope for Spring. :)

I came out on the train for more cleaning and packing -- as a bonus I'll get to enjoy the pansies and the violets that are in bloom. :) It's been book organizing tonight. Tomorrow I'm hoping to clear out the back porch and do more books. Of course I'll intersperse some work and some stitching.

To continue the process of catching up on photographing stitched gifts I've been honored enough to receive here are a few more:
From SpeedyGA of Cross Stitch Pals (
from Speedy

From ChrisNC:
From ChrisNC
Close up of ChrisNC's

From Momyar:
from Momyar

From JodyBC:
From JodyNC

I'm a lucky ole devil, aren't I?! :)

I've spent part of the night catching up on my video piles. So from that adventure I bring you a couple thoughts for the day....

"You need historians to draw the lessons from history."
Justice Breyer 10/17/2005 Brookings Institution

"…There is much to be said for the other side – wrong though it may be!"
Justice Breyer 10/17/2005 Brookings Institution

I do so love Justice Breyer :)

Currently stitching: CSRR Christmas RR (great progress to report on a straw hat!); stained glass window Christmas ornie
Currently reading: Stout The Rubber Band; zelazny this immortal; and Deloria -- Playing Indian

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Karen said...

What pretty pansies!!