Friday, February 02, 2007

The 405 and Learning Patience

For those of you who know Southern California, you *know* the 405 freeway. It's a bane of everyone's existence. Clear and sunny at 6am on a Sunday? It's backed up. It drizzled for 15 minutes 4 hours ago? It's backed up. It's 2am on Tuesday night? It's backed up. Get the picture? Well today is a fresh notch on the 405 bedpost of driver inconvenience... a crane collapsed at Valley Vista (San Fernando Valley, just over "the hill" from Bel Air and Brentwood) and they have closed all of the northbound lanes of the 405 and now part of the southbound lanes are closed too.

Want the gossip? See the L.A. Times at:,0,5388864.story?coll=la-home-headlines
Their graphics at the moment include:

My guess -- we will either all learn patience or someone's going to shoot someone on the highway tonight.

Good thing I don't lack for work here at the office. If only I had my pillow I could just stay the night!

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