Friday, December 01, 2006

Stash Fix(es)

Stop me before I stash again!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Look at what I got in the mail last week-ish. It's all I can do not to start them right now!

First is Papillon's "Mary Queen of Scots" and "Simple Little Shaker"

Then we have Dessins DHC's "Heart with Elephants," "Sunflowers' Heart," and "Heart's Blues" and Little House Needleworks Dear Diaries' "Hannah" and Emmaline"
Fresh stash

Finally some yummies from Carrie's Creations Threads. You really need to get yourself some of these!!!!
Carries Creations threads

And while we're on the subject of stopping me, I thought I mentioned keeping me from joining things. Well, you didn't do a good job of this. I just joined the The Sampler Group's Christmas Club Group. lol MOre folks to stitch in green and red with! :)

ttfn........ I'm going home.

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