Friday, November 04, 2016

Miracles happen!!!!

The Cubs won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Annnnnd we made it through this week!!!  

Sorry Cleveland, but 1908..... the Cubs.... I needed that to happen.  Mind you, my bank account did NOT need that to happen.   Let's just say if Armageddon happens in a couple weeks (allowing for shipping time) Not only will I have plenty of stitching and reading, but I shall be well decked out in Cubs championship gear -- oh, and I'll be well fixed for glasses (3 water glasses, all different, and a wine glass).  

While I love the Cubs, I never considered heading to Chicago or Cleveland to be there in person, but I did get treated to a Cubs-winning night of the National League Championships by my auxiliary family.  The seats could hardly have been better, and the dinner (as you can see) was top notch!

Other games I watched like a normal mere mortal, on the couch.   This happens to be Dewey's Readathon dat where I tried valiantly to take part -- thus there I am, reading A Feast of Ice and Fire (cookbook based on the Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin -- and both an interesting-ish read and a good cookbook).  That's Gramma Rose there to the left.  She's been declining, but at 101 you make allowances and she wanted to hang out "with her beautiful girls" (she has very rosey glasses-- lol) while we yelled at the TV.

The Worlds Series also brought with it for me a bit of a return to stitching.  I've been off my needles recently.  This getting up at 5:15 really turns my brain to mush by the time I get home, and Gramma not feeling well means my weekends are generally booked with hanging out with her (no complaints!  I'd rather do that than stitch.)   At some point last week I stumbled across this little Swedish horse ornie who I had left half done -- how embarrassing is that?-- half done on such a tiny thing!  Sheesh.  Well courtesy of at least one World Series game, he has most of a front half now--

And more cross stitching is on the horizon.  My LNS owner went to the Destination Dallas tradeshow and this Heritage Stitchcrafts kit was in her registration bag.  She doesn't xs so lucky me!   My mom loved lily of the valley --- with some fabric switch outs I see some floral decor in my future.  hee heee

I succumb to more Halloween -- what's happened to me????    I figured I "needed" a haunted house in my Halloween decor so, voila.  I've decided, Pratchett fans, that that's Greebo and Granny Weatherwax out looking for what Nanny Ogg has gotten herself up to.

 As to the reading... well its kinda languishing too.  Baseball and Gramma Rose.... what can I say.  Yesterday, despite having 11 books already in progress (one of which is still "really safe" wherever I put it) I started Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles.  One of the auxiliary nieces has it as a reading assignment in English, and my bff (her actual aunt) looked at me and said, "Oh, that one's yours."  lol   I guess I have an SF rep.

Sally forth, dear people, and have a great day and a wonderful weekend.  And, Cubs fans everywhere, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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