Friday, October 21, 2016

I'm back in less than a month.....

... it's a miracle!   Maybe I have turned a corner.   No ... Probably not.    Oh, what the heck -- it's Friday.  I'm going to be hopeful dang it!

Now that we are being hopeful, allow me to share a great challenge in my current life.   Halloween needlepoint.   I wasn't raised a Halloween person.  As a kid I had the obligatory costume, we did the jack-o-lantern carving thing, and that was it.  No hay bales, no inflatable witches in the yard, no strings of mummy-shaped lights.  Just the costume and the pumpkin.  Our family decorating centered on 3 holidays -- Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.  So here I am in my alleged adulthood finally coming under the spell of Halloween decor.   It's all really my LNS owner's fault since she's alllllll about Halloween so we have a lot of opportunities to oggle such canvases in the shop.   So, for weeks I have been eyeing these particular beauties:

1.  The shoes -- Really just the pumpkin and the skull -- though I wish the skull weren't a skull because I'm still picky about my Halloween decor and skulls aren't on the list.   That skull makes the list because (I'm embarrassed to admit it).... I like the checkerboard part of that shoe.

2.  This pumpkin with mini crow (his tail will HAVE to get fixed -- no way it's going to droop like that!)

3.  this Dandy Crow who is quite frankly marvelous

4.  This spooky house with gargoyles and crows (the big bird will have to have his beak adjusted -- I refuse to have him looking like a Bedlington terrier)... and possibly the ghosty one under it.

5.  And this extra large, two-sided angel.   I am nuts!

So Saturday while I am at work at the shop it may well happen that one of the above (or *gulp* more) follow me home.  I already know the rationale -- even though I have dozens and dozens of STARTED canvases and cross stitches, I will "need" something new to commemorate Dewey's 24-hour Readathon.  Makes perfect sense to my pea-sized, needlepoint-addled brain.   

Speaking of Dewey's.... I'm wiggling with eager excitement.   I have all these great plans for 24 hours worth of reading joy which officially begins at 5am Saturday in my time zone.   Even though I will be working for a significant chunk of the day and taking part in a birthday celebration I continue to make plans as if I shall be ensconced in peaceful, uninterrupted luxury.  My reading plans are to finish or make headway in these volumes (some audio, some print --- see, so I can combine it with stitching for a completely blissful experience!):

My excessive eagerness shows in fact that I have already planned my wardrobe for the 24-hours

If you like the thought of hanging out with a global family of readaholics, then do join in.  Sign in on the blog -- there's a facebook group (Dewey's 24-hour Readathon is their name funnily enough) and a Goodreads group.  In the Goodreads forum I will be hosting hours 19 and 20 so drop in.  Possibly it sounds odd, but there really is a sense of community about the event -- folks show off their to-be-read piles, trade snack ideas and easy recipes (so they won't impact heavily on reading time), strategies for pacing your reading, etc.  You don't have to read for 24 hours.  It's not like we have a police force.  Come for as little or as much as you want to or can.  It's just literacy-promoting fun.  Many folks read as a family and I love to see the kids' piles of books along side the parent's as they get excited about spending a whole day reading.   Let's face it, that's one of the coolest things ever.

Go forth and have yourself a splendid day!  And, yes, that is an order.


Donna said...

Oh the Halloween bug has bitten!

Donna said...

Oh the Halloween bug has bitten!

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