Friday, March 29, 2013

Winner! (and another item up for grabs) and WIPocalypse

Greetings dear friends,  I would like you all to join with me in congratulating our stitching friend, LanyBleu, whose name I pulled very scientifically from a pile of cut up pieces of paper I rescued from my recycling bin.  She has taken on the duty of giving Tempting Tangles'  "Creation"  a new home.   Thanks, Elaine.  Creation should keep you busy for a while.

In honor of Easter and the end of Passover I offer up another opportunity for someone to adopt a new stashbaby, namely "Memories" by The Silver Lining.  The pattern was a limited edition release and is signed and even numbered by Marc.  It's a lovely little rose that deserves a happy home.

So, leave a comment on this post saying you're interested in being included in a drawing for this, and I'll recycle a small piece of paper in your honor next week.... probably Wednesday.

And, yes, as a matter of fact I have been taking a "realistic" look at my stash and thinking some of it deserved a better parent than me.

Now, as for that WIPocalypse check-in, I'd like to first ask where in the heck March went?  Really, it's April already????  How did that happen?  As for progress me and the Badger of Destiny made some small advances:
The Dreaded Heart --

... has a few more roses and, if I had a bad-words jar, I would be a lot poorer.
Sure they're pretty but each of those little roses has 5 colors of green and 5 of pink and at least two of those colors in each range are so close as to be identical without really great lighting and a magnifier.  So, here's my memo to teachers and pattern makers everywhere -- "Get Real!"  Sheesh.

I also made progress on my ByGone Stitches flag--

I can now start integrating some stripes into my stitching on this which I hope will make it seem to go faster.

I made it up the right side and down and around the left corner on Blackbird's America--

And for the first time in a long time, my Princess and Me ornament of the Golden Gate Bridge came out to play--
I got a whole 3 columns of blue put in!   That is, I believe, 1 column per year for each year it has been laying around waiting to be stitched on.  lol  Me and my piles!

And, finally Rose City Stitchers by Eye and Eye and Co made an appearance (courtesy of the bus commute to work) --
So far it's gotten a little more brickwork and door, some exterior vining, and a little start on the base of the hill next to the "big house" (they'll be another house on said hill).

And I even made ornament progress as part of the 2013 Ornie SAL --

I completed and did the finishing on this little freebie -- I couldn't get a good shot, but the fruit and the border are all beaded in alternating stitches.

I even made progress on my Scandinavian ornie --

... at least I did up until I ended up being off on my location.  I must have counted wrong, but I can't work out where so it is back in its bag thinking about what it has done wrong.

Now, as I find myself facing another weekend I begin once again the excessively perky hopes.  I will be working at the shop on Saturday, and of course I am hoping for a busy Saturday -- I want lots of customers buying lots of exciting things.  But then I think, what if we could have all the customers finish up their shopping by noon so I could stitch the rest of the day in peace?  Is it too much to ask?   Yeah.  I know.  It's too much.  So really that leaves Saturday out.  With only Sunday to play with whatever shall I do?   How about I try and be circumspect for a change -- and hope for:
1.  finishing a book
2.  doing some laundry (and putting it away!)
3.  finishing the rose that needs its bud and doing another rose or pair of buds
4.  trying to get a handle on my stash mounds --- before they swallow me whole.
5.  NOT, spending half a day making and remaking lists of things to do before, take to, or do during my spring trip to DC.  That's how I think I spent nearly a quarter of last weekend.   I do so love my lists as ridiculous as they are.  (Am I the only listaholic????)  And yes, for the record I'll be in DC next month to cheer at the inaugural Nike DC half marathon, to celebrate my sister's birthday, and to toast my nephew and niece's 10th wedding anniversary.  Oh and to sit with The Dog while my sister and BIL go to Europe for a cruise/marathon.  I'll say hi to the other coast for ya'll.  Guess who will be there while I'm there!   An exhibit of Pre-Raphaelites.  Yes, I am a happy girl.

Happy Passover -- Happy Easter -- Happy Spring


Preeti said...

That was an interesting post:) your roses look lovely and the bygone design looks nice. Yes, I can see those beads on the fruits too and they give a good 3D effect to the fruit! The Golden Gate Bridge looks cute ...I liked the deep blue and golden a royal look too.
I too think the same..where has March gone? Every time I just manage to stitch only on 3 to 4 turtle trot projects. I hope I won't have to post a blank page this time ;)
Pls do add me in the giveaway, I love stitching florals:)

Silverlotus said...

Oh, please enter me in the draw for the rose. It is just lovely.

You've made some good progress on your projects too. And the ornament turned out really great!

Margaret said...

Wow! So many beautiful pieces you are working on!

lanybleu said...

Ohh wow, I will certainly give Creation a good home. Very pleased.
Have a wonderful Easter. xx

SoCal Debbie said...

Congratulations to Lanybleu! I'd love a chance to stitch that beautiful rose. Your ornament looks fantastic! I hope I can make such a nice finish like that some day. The Golden Gate bridge looks beautiful too. Don't put it back away for 3 years again!

Kate said...

Lovely stitching.
I am also a list maker.
That's a lovely rose, please enter my name in the draw.

maxcoffee said...

Thank goodness for all those letters, LOL!

Exotic Voyages said...

Very beautiful and neat.Love this stitch! Embroidery Digitising