Friday, March 08, 2013

Let's Face It.....

... last weekend and this whole week was a wash for me.  All plans were thwarted or ignored with impunity. Sigh.  You should all recognize this under the heading of "The Story of My Life."

Saturday the shop was apparently The Place to Be for SoCal needlepointers.  I believe I got to sit down for the first time at 2:17pm -- and that was to help work out threads an stitches for someone.  Not one stitch, my friends.  not a single, solitary one.  The theme continued Saturday evening and Sunday.  Though Sunday it wasn't customers... it was napping, cleaning, and channel surfing (yes, I miserably failed to keep my paws off the remote).

Well, this weekend is, as Scarlett would say, another, err weekend.   And while hopeful, I cant say I promise much of anything.  My crazy sister (what else would you call someone who flies all the way across the country for a Sunday with her sister for her birthday?) arrives Saturday night for the weekend (leaving Monday early morning) -- we'll be celebrating my birthday in and around the area.  I'm still counting the ballots, but I think they'll be two dinners of varying levels of festiveness and a day spent somewheres about experiencing culture.  I'll report, I promise.

About the only thing I accomplished between last weekend and this week, was some stash sorting.  During the adventure I unearthed this piece I did years and years ago.

I was (and still am) a big Emily Dickinson fan So back in those olden days of aida from Joann's I charted the poem and created an anchor.  I wish I'd done a better heart motif.  So, what do you think, pillow?

I even unearthed a couple ornies that got finished in November or December and await finishing.....
I'll have to get back to you on whose pattern -- I think it's Plum Street.  I did it on a terra cotta jobelan in Belle Soies and Vikki Clayton silks.

This little offering comes with my pocket badger for size comparison... the badger's about an inch and a half long.

While I continue contemplating the weekend's hopes, I can share an accomplishment by my buddy Judy --
If I remember correctly this is a pattern from a magazine.  It got finished with a moire to go with her teal-loving house.

and her daughter Allison--
Allison loves all things purple.  Good thing, huh.  At least we had a nice lavender velvet to finish the pillow in.

Ok, maybe I'm ready to face the music.

Here are the weekend's goals:
1.  I will learn my lesson about channel surfing.  I will.  I will.
2.  I will finish 2 books by Saturday night when the sister giggle-fest begins.
3.  I will do a bunch of those darned roses.  Where the heck are the darned stitching elves when you want them.
4.  I will take a picture of these darned roses.
5.  I will get some more cleaning done.  (I did find part of the floor last weekend.  Not a big part, but a part nonetheless.)
6.  I will continue to sort and tidy stash.... it'll be my birthday present to myself-- possibly it will keep me from deciding I'm entitled to birthday stash.
7.  By Monday morning at 5am I will figure out if I'm taking Monday off --- no need to rush into either  laziness or dedication.

I wish you each a peaceful weekend.  May we all be successful in our endeavors!  (For a change.....)


Barb said...

A very Happy Birthday to you! What a nice sister. Have fun!! Love the little ornaments!

Nancy M said...

Your pillows are beautiful and the needlepoint pieces in your previous post are gorgeous!

Giovanna said...

Many happy returns on your birthday. Your ornaments are really sweet, well done. And lovely pillows by your friend and her daughter.

Brigitte said...

The two pillows look gorgeous. And your little projects are just lovely.
Happy Birthday to you!

Mylene said...

Happy Birthday!
Hope you have had a fun time with your sister.

Carolyn NC said...

Happy Birthday! Nice stitching and your friend's, too!

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