Friday, February 08, 2013

Stuff -- TNNA report, stash, and things that make life fun.

Well, I was going to do a Turtle Trot check-in, but I don't have most of the pics I need.  Somehow I thought I was photoing appropriately, but noooooo.  So instead you get some other recent shots and generalized commentary -- Hope you don't mind.

I enjoyed my time at TNNA this year as always, but somehow I just didn't haul the camera out so much.  I don't know why.  Trust me, it's not like I wasn't shopping my little assets off!  Sheesh you should see my list of things ordered!!!   Argh.  What was I thinking?????  It's like my sanity gets exchanged for my "retailer" badge at the door.

I fell in love, but didn't settle on one in particular to buy from Canvas Works --
I really, really love that one.  It is painted so very perfectly for stitching.  Imagine it all done up in silks!   Yes, I do believe somewhere in the middle of 2013, that one will need to be mine.

But then again, Canvas Works also has:

I picked up this little darling from Associated Talents:
Sprinkles, Fyre Werks, beads, and treasures here I come!

I picked up this beauty from Barbara Russell for a shop customer--

I convinced my friend to get the whole Menorah of these from Raymond Crawford -- absolutely stunning!!!!
He's maybe 4 inches high and the central candle is maybe 5.5 inches.

In short, I was a bad, bad girl at TNNA.   I must now become a finishing fiend.  Becuase besides my haul from the show, before I even left I picked up the following from my shop's ultra sale bin --

What can I say, it was a Charlie Harper -- I couldn't let it go.  What do you think -- the tiger all in Very Velvet and the cats in Fuzzy Stuff?

And just a little ornie --
Ok.  I'm feeling really guilty now.  Back later after flogging myself for excessive shopping.


Margaret said...

Oh but it's so fun to be naughty once in a while! Love seeing all the canvases -- gorgeous!! I really love that first big canvas from Canvas works. And the menorrah candles -- how cool is that!

so many books said...

That first canvas from Canvas Works is so freaking stunning, I'm not sure how you refrained from buying it, quitting your job, and spending 24 hours a day finishing it. Congrats on that.

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