Saturday, September 05, 2009

Greetings from the wet West

Howdy folks! It's lovely if damp here in Tempe. But never fear! I lived (and walked everywhere) through El Nino, therefore these lil ole thunderstorms are nothing.

In the midst of this morning's downpour I hauled myself over to the convention center with my books and suede purse protected by plastic shopping bags. I had to. My Terry signing appointment was this morning at 10.... rain or shine, so to speak. I also went to Esther Friesner's signing, a panel on Discworld cover art, and a reading by Terry assistant with commentary by The Knight himself. Finally I ended the day with the maskerade. It was a nice enough day. I would call it a lovely day, but I spent 3/4ths of it sitting in one room and one spell was 3 hours in the same chair. There's only so much sitting still a body can take.

Ok, since so far I haven't downloaded today's pics, let's catch up on yesterday's.... err and even the day before.

When Karen and I met up, she brought me my Ho Ho HO Exchange ornie --
2009 09 04 011
Check it out -- over-1 no less!
2009 09 04 016
and look at the cool fabric she picked for the back--
2009 09 04 015
The finishing is by Karen -- and she's opened a little finishing business. I'd recommend her fine work any day!

Thanks, Karen! You made my weekend.

As for day one of the convention ....
Here's Sir Terry (apparently knights are entitled to a car with curtains-- he had to settle for a turtle and a Seamstress Guild escort:
2009 09 04 022
And here's Terry and the S.G. members "at ease" (that's Esther Friesner whispering sweet nothings into the mic)--
2009 09 04 043
On behalf of The Guild, Esther presented Terry with a small "ergonomically-correctly handled" sword.
2009 09 04 048

Here's Esther later in the day getting ready to start her reading--
2009 09 04 074

I missed the making of this Discworld balloon sculpture, but I still find it amazing!
2009 09 04 081

Of course, you know I'm traveling with Missy (the polar bear). So I introduced her to Rincewind:
2009 09 04 089
and the Luggage
2009 09 04 090
(Yes, the Luggage has teeth and feet -- if you don't get it, go read The Color of Magic.)

From the Seamstress Guild Affair --
Here's what happens when you put fans near food:
2009 09 04 105
(food courtesy of the Seamstresses Guild and Terry)
Me and 900 of my best friends at the Guild party:
2009 09 04 124
2009 09 04 144
The Death of Rats:
2009 09 04 156
Lady Sybil
2009 09 04 172
2009 09 04 171
Classy entertainment:
2009 09 04 174
Missy met Death:
2009 09 04 184
2009 09 04 201
a wizard (or wizzard) reunion:
2009 09 04 204
Witches group shot:
2009 09 04 222
Nanny and Greebo took costume awards--
2009 09 04 232
as did Cheery Littlebottom and a splendid nac mac feegle
2009 09 04 236
all the costume winners:
2009 09 04 242

Ok, now that I've gotten all that happiness out of the way.... In case you had a bet on my second tech service call appointment with Dell, no, they did not call. Two strikes Dell you *#)(@)#*%Y#&^#@#*(&%^^#&^@#)(*#(#)^%#^$#* losers!!!!!!!!!!!


Snip said...

Terrific photos of the convention! Love all the costumes. You must be having a blast!

Siobhan said...

Great convention photos!

Beautifl stitching--lucky you!

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Great pictures from Discworld!

I can't wait to share them with DD as she is a huge fan. Thanks so much for sharing.

Ah yeah, great stitching pictures also. :-)

How many more weeks till the PALS Fall Fling?

Windy Meadow

Dani - tkdchick said...

Look at you, on the road again and doing book-like things! You always have a blast!

Great exchange!