Tuesday, September 01, 2009

computer "logic" lol

So today in prep for my Tempe/Discworld adventure I asked google for "cross stitch shop" and "tempe." Here's what topped the page of results:

Local business results for cross stitch shop near Tempe, AZ

Old Town Needlework & Framing
- www.oldtownneedlework.com
7128 E 5th Ave, Scottsdale - (480) 990-2270
1 review, directions, and more »

Meso Tattoo & Body Art Supplies
- maps.google.com
4002 S Wendler Dr, Tempe - (480) 234-1272
1 review, directions, and more »

Family Arts Needlework Shop
- www.familyartsneedlework.com
5555 N 7th St # 144, Phoenix - (602) 277-0694
3 reviews, directions, and more »

Isn't #2 priceless? Do you think they heard about the Grand Canyon Girls Club's trip to the tattoo parlor? rotflol

I should point out I have no time for stashing while in Tempe, but I couldn't stop myself from looking nonetheless. Also, remember how I kinda headed off half cocked to Montreal--- you know little miss never-last-minute .... Well I ended up in Montreal only to realize I only had 2 needles with me! 2!!! That's all. And I only happened to have 2 because I'd packed a kit I shouldn't have and it came with 1. Can you imagine -- 9 days with no stash shop and only 1 (heck, 2) needles!!?!??!?! OMG, I was soooo careful with those needles. I think that might have been why I looked for shops on google. The back of my brain is saying "what if you're a ninny again......"

Ok, you've been very patient. Here's one measly update -- my Beatrix Potter:
08_31_2009 013
Two whole motifs and one of them tiny have gotten done in the last month. Sigh.

For this paltry progress I deserve NOTHING, but I almost bought this canvas this weekend:
08_31_2009 002
He's HUGE, but I just love him. I have no reason to do him though. Hmmm.

Ooo, and lookie what was waiting for me on my desk this morning:
08_31_2009 015
I just love the Vera Bradley microfiber backpacks. Love 'em. Love 'em. Love 'em. Check out the cool lime lining the turquoise one has --
08_31_2009 018

gotta run -- must find out the ins and outs of plastic grocery bags and the American economy -- I get all the most interesting questions!


Julie said...

You can also try Attic Needlework in Mesa, which I think isn't too far from Tempe.

Those bags are just too cute!!

Cindy said...

That is funny :)

I wound up with *no* needles one weekend, and was totally SOL. Now I have an extra needlecase that I am keeping in my purse LOL!

Love the VB microfiber!

Carolyn NC said...

Tattoos?? Too cute - BP is coming along well and your new stash is adorable!

Karen said...

Hey Ruthie, i think the Attic is open late on Thursdays. :) and it isn't far from there, just a hop on the freeway and i obviously will have a car tomorrow to drive it you want! Trust me, i wouldn't venture to the other 2 shops that came up on google. So if you want to venture to the Attic before we go to dinner, fine by me.

Kathy A. said...

Oh my goodness - a tattoo parlor! That just cracks me up. I did the no needle thing one time too!!! Now, I try to keep some in my purse just in case.
Enjoy your trip to Tempe.

Siobhan said...

Love your BPQ! It is so pretty.

Oy, the no needles worry. Is there anything worse than unpacking your stuff to get ready to stitch & not finding one??

Enjoy Tempe!