Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I might have learned

It was WorldCon after all. I should have learned many things. I think I did.

1.I learned that sometimes a con with 4 million program offerings has maybe 3 million too many.
2. I learned enough about star maps and their history to find them even more fascinating despite them not being really what I expected. Ok, I am Hollywood, but I can't help it -- the first thing I thought (for about a minute when I read the panel title) was, well, you know, ***star*** maps -- here's where Paris Hilton parties, here's where George Clooney gets his coffee, etc.
3. I learned that Yarbro has a new St. Germaine coming out (yea)
4. I relearned that Fans are different. Sure we scare normal people (frankly, we kinda like that), but we are also pretty cool. For example, something like 200 of us were on the roof patio of the Palais to watch the fireworks and at the end of the show people (lots of them) started spontaneously putting chairs away. Not just putting them remotely near where they kind of went, but actually dividing the chairs between indoor and outdoor and distributing them evenly around the approproate tables. I was very proud. [Heck, there's at lesat one person in my office who if they open a kitchen cabinet or drawer to get a cup or spoon they just leave it open. I don't for the life of me know why.] So when we come to your town, don't be afraid. We'll probably leave it better than we found it.
5. I learned that Chicago's is not the only convention center suffering from you-can't-get-there-from-here-itis.
6. I learned that terribly serious economists can be quite funny. You'd think I'd have learned that by now, but no. How sad.
7. I learned that a sure way to get people talking about your hotel is to line the walls with fur. [more on that later... well, tomorrow probably]
8. I learned that it's really essential to hang with your tribe regularly.


On the non-Con front I've learned a couple things already:
1. Cobblestones and sandlas are not the best of friends.
2. People almost always run from rain as if somehow it's going to hurt them.
3. Montreal is a pretty place filled with mostly nice people. [The grumpy ones are probably just visiting.]
4. They lie about that damn fountain! [I gave it 45 minuted tonight and still nothing-- liars!]
5. They have ridiculously small museums. [I say this now hoping to "jinx" myself tomorrow when I head tot he Musee des Beaux-Arts.]
6. I speak Frussian. The French is growing daily, but I'll probably always speak Frussian.
7. Sure they say the city bird is the American Goldfinch, but I've seen not a one. And I really, really like them too. Dang it.

Let's visit a little bit on Montreal before I go to bed. How can I be tired when I had a mini nap this evening?
Welcome to the Notre Dame Basilica, its stunning interior, its beautiful windows, and its wedding chapel:
2009 08 05 205
2009 08 05 181
2009 08 05 036
2009 08 05 060
2009 08 05 049
2009 08 05 077
2009 08 05 078
2009 08 05 103
2009 08 05 118
2009 08 05 145
2009 08 05 148
2009 08 05 150
2009 08 05 165
That's St. Joan -- my personal favorite. hmmmm it's ben a long time since I've read anything about her.... hmmm....
2009 08 05 166

And here's the convention stitching I **can** show you--
Quaker a la Six Mains has had roughly 8 motifs added to it, going from this:
5_27_2009 024
to this:
2009 08 11 221
And I started Shepherd's Bush "Adore" and got all the way to here:
2009 08 11 219

nite nite --


Kajsa said...

Montreal, how lovely! I lived 5 years down in Old Montreal so it's always nice to see pictures.

Nice stitching!

Mel said...

Lovely photos! And I love your list. :)

Siobhan said...

I've been to Montreal! Beautiful city. I love Canada.

Lovely stitching!

Carolyn NC said...

Love the commentary - nice stitching!

Brigitte said...

Ruth, I love dreqading all your posts about WorldCon. And wow, what a lot of information and impressions you share. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. Everything I read and saw in your posts was very delightful.

Beatrice said...

I used to live in Montreal. I loved it!
The photo's are gorgeous...thanks for sharing... they brought back memories.
Great stitching!

Kathy A. said...

Wow, I wondered where you had gone! But Montreal - that's not far from here.
Love all your photos. Been to Montreal several times but you have given me a totally different perspective. Love it.
Have fun!