Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hi, honey, I'm home!

The first Grand Canyon Girls Club festival has concluded. Successfully, I might add. -- I mean we did make it to the end of the adventure without having to find a body bag or a handy hiding place for any of our members.

Michele, Chris, Karen, Sharon (who will have a blog against her will soon), and I met up in Phoenix and giggled, stitched, shopped, ate, travelled, and didn't sleep much. I believe a great time was had by all. It was certainly had by me!

In no apparent order....

We visited The Attic needlework shop
2009 April 3-5 012
Michele, Karen, and Sharon contemplate something cool

2009 April 3-5 013
Chris and Sharon

2009 April 3-5 015
The GCGC share the sacred sign for "I'm on VACATION!": Sharon, me, Chris, Karen, and Michele.

I can sum up The Attic by saying it was a blissful way to spend a couple hours, and it caused much oooing and ahhing. I didn't need anything really, but for convience sake I was willing to look for a tote bag since some moron (that'd be me) had brought all her stitching in ziplocks and was tired of trying to balance them all without dropping them as we shuffled between hotel rooms. anyway, so I was willing to buy a tote if they had a reasonably priced one. I did that, but somehow other things fell in my bag. Sigh. You'll get pictures later since they are still trapped in my camera. I do have some shots of pieces they had on their walls which they'll probably end up ordering for me:
2009 April 3-5 009
2009 April 3-5 010
2009 April 3-5 011

We even stitched--
Here's proof that Sharon stitches. She swears she doesn't, but now we can prove otherwise--
2009 April 3-5 033

Chris made us all these darling little pieces for our floss tag training class--
2009 April 3-5 038
I have a suggestion for you, don't have creamsicle alcohol, single malt, a shot of Godiva liquer, and a taste of Smirnoff Raspberry Twist if you intend to whizz through the making of your first floss tag. Then again, maybe it's just me that shouldn't do that. (see below)

Sharon got a tatoo of her son's baby footprints
2009 April 3-5 039
while the rest of us sat on the leather sofas, listening to blaring heavy metal, and stitched. Honest. I'm sure we were their first stitchers.

Karen brought us goodies which included this lovely notebook. I can't help loving Michele's face with this book (you can't quite tell, but the front cover of the book enjoins you to "Laugh")---
2009 April 3-5 055

We went up to a grand cabin arranged for us by Karen (bless you, gf!) and relaxed our little brains out:
2009 April 3-5 159
Micele made us a lovely fire --
2009 April 3-5 168
Here's our aforementioned alcohol collection--
2009 April 3-5 171
And the GCGC posing with their prizes (I'm in there in spirit hee hee -- I'm being represented by the scotch)
2009 April 3-5 174

Here's us posing with the yard bears at the cabin:
2009 April 1-5 333
Lest you should think we lacked for actual wildlife-- here's the print of the bear who visited our first night:
2009 April 1-5 349
and another little friend of his:
2009 April 1-5 351

From the cabin we hauled ourselves for the day to our namesake, the Grand Canyon. The drive there and back gave me (since I was the not so cold one with the longest camera strap) plenty of photo opps.
We saw cool plants like this ocotillo:
2009 April 3-5 018
many cacti and lots of rocks:
2009 April 3-5 083
2009 April 3-5 120
2009 April 3-5 133
2009 April 1-5 367
Lake Mary:
2009 April 1-5 014
where I got out to take the pics for the chillier people in the car
2009 April 1-5 024
who then, as every cliche of this situation demands, drove off without me.

When we finally made it to the Grand Canyon I think we all were simply awed. I certainly know why Thomas Moran did so many of his paintings now. If you hven't gone, you should. If you have, go back. I'm wanting a full week to just sit and stare. The pictures may be nice, but they are a pale shadow of the reality.

My very first view of the Canyon:
2009 April 1-5 052

2009 April 1-5 061
2009 April 1-5 064
2009 April 1-5 083

Neither Sharon or I like heights:
2009 April 1-5 123
The Club would like you to know it was kinda (ie. downright) cold--
2009 April 1-5 160
2009 April 1-5 238
2009 April 1-5 257

You all should know by now that plants talk to me --
local lichen:
2009 April 1-5 129
cacti at altitude are kinda whimpy looking:
2009 April 1-5 232
trees, however are really cool:
2009 April 1-5 218
2009 April 1-5 233
2009 April 1-5 120

While at the cabin we breakfasted in "town" (town being defined as a cafe, gas station, and post office):
2009 April 1-5 379
2009 April 1-5 376
whenever we were at the cafe there was always a truck with dogs in it in the parking lot-- apparently it's a cafe rule...
2009 April 1-5 377
Oh and when breakfasting at the cafe, I can recommend the biscuts and gravy, but if you order the pancakes, just get one, it's the size of a platter! Honest!!!!
Here's our crew at the cafe --
2009 April 1-5 314
Michele (her shirt reads "I'm living in my own little world, but it's ok, they know me there" -- the cook came out to read it because the waitress had told him about it. And now she owes him a shirt since he tracked us down in the parking lot as we left to tell us we'd better not come back without a shirt for him), Sharon, Karen, Chris, Karen's sister, and Karen's aunt
and little ole me:
2009 April 1-5 316

A little warning: When on a road trip with your dear stitching friends, do not leave your camera unattended in the car with your buddies while you go to the restroom. If you do this you get pictures like this which you just know you didn't take:
2009 April 1-5 400
2009 April 1-5 401
2009 April 1-5 403

It was a really lovely long weekend. If you get a chance to escape with friendly stitchers, jump at it!

I can't really share everything from the Inaugural Grand Canyon Girls Club festival since there's just one rule to the GCGC. It was written over the door of the cabin:
2009 April 3-5 192
2009 April 3-5 193


Snip said...

Your trip sounds like so much fun! And your descriptions are hilarious. Thank you for sharing this with friendly strangers like me!

Michele said...

you are sooo mean!!!!!!!

karen said...

great pics! i can't believe you got such great shots with Michele driving 90 on the highway and you out the window taking the pics. LOL jk I miss you already! I think we still have a little bottle of scotch sitting here waiting for you to come back, it will be here trust me.
I think a long week at the cabin would be perfect!!!!

Chris said...

A long week at the cabin sounds wonderful. And next time we'll know to check to make sure the water heater is NOT in vacation mode as soon as we get there.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh, what an awesome time you had. I am jealous! I love the pictures...and OMG, that bear paw is enough to make me run back into the cabin and lock all the doors and windows. I love the pics of the Grand Canyon...I have always wanted to visit, that's on my to-do list. Can't wait to see the stitchy pics, too. Welcome back. :)

Carolyn NC said...

Awesome pictures for your trip! Glad you all had a great time!

Sheila said...

Oh wow what a fabulous trip you all had... great photos and great commentary - I felt I was there with you (wish I had been).
An idyllic vacation!!!

Siobhan said...

What fabulous pictures!! It looks like you guys had the most wonderful time. I am jealous yet happy for you at the same time. ;) The Grand Canyon pics are breath taking! And your cabin--wow. Love The Attic pics, too!

Vonna said...

Can I come next year? I had the most fun reading your funny, funny post and looking at all the fun and fabulous pictures! Yay to all girls!

Janice said...

How fantastic the trip sounded. I'm green with envy. Not only do you go to the Grand Canyon but you do it with a grand group of stitchers! Lucky you! I enjoyed every word and pic. Thanks for sharing!

Mel said...

Oh sounds like so much fun! I just love reading your posts - they do make me laugh. The GC & plant pics are lovely; love seeing all of you again (in pics anyway). I'm so jealous!!!!!!

Pumpkin said...

ROFL!!!! Ruth, you have one twisted sense of humor and I LOVE IT! :o)

What a GREAT trip you gals must have had. Right from stash shopping, to the sight seeing, down to the silliness that all great girl trips must have. Wish I could have been there ;o)

Thank you for visiting my Blog!

Lisa said...

What great pics! Looks like ya'll had a great time and perhaps even a hangover or two! LOL Sharon, we wanna see pics of the tattoo on your blog!!!

Jane said...

I'm going to the Grand Canyon in less than 2 weeks! I see that you had snow; I guess I will take my winter coat. I'm not going with stitchers, but with family, but I expect we will have a good time too. Thank you for sharing.

mainely stitching said...

What a GREAT post!!

I've been to the Grand Canyon a couple of times, but the last was well over 10 years ago. Must go again.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a great time! Just came from Michele's blog and she was writing about it too. Beautiful pics

Daffycat said...

What an awesome trip!

Karen said...

Your Grand Canyon pics are beautiful!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Beautiful picutres! Thanks for sharing, can I be ther next time???

Shelleen said...

I am having fun reading all of your blogs. Yours was the only one that showed booze!! I want to go hang out with friends and stitch and drink and maybe get a tattoo :-)

Kathy A. said...

Oh I love all those photos. What a great time you all seem to have had. How fun!!!

Carol R said...

Wonderful pictures Ruth - thanks for sharing. Your trip sounded great fun - I've always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon so maybe I will join you next time! I could bring a bottle of real Scotch along - if that sounds like bribery it is!

Sharon said...

Great pics and as usual the commentary is brilliant! Had an awesome time - can't wait to do it again.

Lisa - I'll post a pic when I get the password to my blog. Apparently I'll be some tupe of probationary period before I can take over. LOL


Linen Stitcher said...

I feel refreshed just reading about the wonderful time enjoyed by the GCGC. It sounds like it was a wonderful trip with a great group of stitchers.

Stitchingranny said...

Looks like you all had a great time and lots of lovely pics - thanks for sharing them.

Sonda in OR said...

WOW! Looks like a fabulous trip!

Brigitte said...

Oh Ruth, I was fully and totally enjoying every single word you wrote about the get-together and the trip to the Grand Canyon. You must have had a really awesome time. Thanks for sharing.

Polly said...

Great pics. Looks like you guys had a blast. Sharon what is that tat?

Sharon said...

Polly - I took in a copy of the footprints the hospital did when my son was born. So that tat is of his footprints and his name. I think it turned out pretty cool. When my blog is ready I'll post a pic of how it looks now that it's healed. :-)


Marie-P said...

What a fun trip, I loved hearing about it and seeing your gorgeous pics! I want to vacation like that!

Yvonne..... said...

Great photos! I've never been to the Grand Canyon but it is definitely on my bucket list! LOL! I know you all had a great time and you're ready for another trip!!