Thursday, April 16, 2009

Culture (such as it is here) and just call me "StitchNStash"

Hello there everyone.

First to "culture" -- earlier this week I went to one of PaleyFest09 events -- this one on True Blood (yes, Charlaine Harris fans, I was there!!!! I can attest to the fact that Bill and Sam are just as cute in person.) We saw a bit round of last season and a sneak peak of the coming season then had a chat session with most of the cast.

I should say first of all I am usually in a constant state of annoyance at these things when they are about shows based on books. Phrases to producers and directors like "when you created these characters," "when you wrote this story," and "how did you ever come up with such a wonderful idea" just push every one of my book-ish buttons. I want to stand up and scream that s/he did NOT write or create these characters and that they came up with these "wonderful ideas" by taking them from someone else. Having said that, the True Blood hierarchy was at pains to credit Charlaine with all that was wonderful ... even down to thanking her for specific phrases. I was most impressed.

I came away with one question from the evening: why are all these show fans squealing (honest, there was squealing, lots of squealing) over the guy that plays Eric? Are you watching? Does he look like Eric to you???? I mean couldn't they get someone who looks like he could have sacked a city???? He's supposed to be a Viking, not some sulking, greasy punk.

I have to admit that the thing I like the best about all these evenings is the funny stories that the cast tells. Figuring that there's a couple more of me out there somewhere allow me to share a couple of my favorite quotes from the evening-- [I apologize to those of you who aren't watching or who don't get HBO-- the DVDs come out next month, you can catch up then read this again and lol]

--When asked what their favorite scenes were, Sam replied: "Well I remember one of my least favorite scenes. Running Naked. Running naked with flesh-colored jazz shoes."

--As to why Tara is in the first season despite not appearing in the books until book 3 the producer Alan Ball said "I didn't want it to be Sookie and the parade of hot guys" -- to which Anna Paquin replied "that would be bad how?"

--When asked if she read the books before filming, Carrie Preston said "Yeah, I read them. I wanted to see if I die or not."

--When asked if they get special recognition from the public when they go out now Anna Paquin asked: "You mean like people yelling 'What am I thinking, Stackhouse?'"

If you are a Mentalist fan, I'm going to the Paley event on that this Friday. I'll say hi to Simon Baker for you. I will NOT squeal though. Well, not unless goosed. And if goosed by someone other than Simon there will be hell to pay for someone.

Since I have a few spare moments I thought I'd do some updating. After all, I'd hate ya'll to be behind on the glories (hee hee) of my vast (even more hee hee) stitching of late. [Yes, there's some very serious tongue in cheek there.]

Before heading off the the First Grand Canyon Girls Club (GCGC) adventure I set about getting ready for our floss tag "class." Our friend, Karen set about to educate us on the ways of tagging.... without spray paint. [While I'm thinking about it, when exactly do you suppose taggers are artistically "improving" freeway signs? I've traveled CA highways at all hours and never yet seen "art" in action. You'd think I would have given my traveling and the extent of the "art" on local highways.] I decided to use part of Elizabeth Designs' "Black Sheep Sampler." You will note below that the vast amount of stitching involved took me nearly 2 weeks and wasn't even finished until I got to AZ. Ultimately, Karen's efforts paid off and I took home this lovely item:
2009 4 15 023
2009 4 15 024
Two WEEKS. Ok, sure I was really busy. But 2 WEEKS??????? Sheesh. It took me a whole night to get the finishing done too. Let this be a warning to you, too much alcohol can slow your stitching progress no matter how patient your teacher is. lol Thanks Karen!

Also stitched while GCGCing was the following lovely which Karen designed and kitted up for us:
2009 4 15 012
Lovely isn't it? She even gave us some of her beautiful coffee-dyed fabric! Jealous yet?

Well, if you really want to be jealous...... this
2009 4 15 016
is a piece Karen did and allowed me to have. Seems she didn't have a spot for it in her house. What's that? Do I hear boos? Wailing? Gnashing? So sorry you weren't there. heee heee

To finalize my AZ stitching report I'll add this --
2009 4 15 014
I got a bunch of the sparkly light wing color done on the left wing of Black Swan's dragon while on the plane to and from the adventure.

In the last post I promised a reporting on my stashing activities at The Attic so here goes. First, here's the one thing I told myself I could get if I found one for a reasonable price:
2009 4 15 028
Yup, that's my new tote bag. It's really very cool. In case you're thinking it would look good on you, I left one there in pink with green trim. You can get that and we can be stylish together.

Despite my best efforts to not need anything to put in the tote some stuff leaped in it while I was wondering about the shop --
2009 4 15 032
That's R&R "garnet" -- the threads are Belle Soie and Thread Gatherer's that I'm considering using to make a sampler with this yummy fabric. Whatcha think?
2009 4 15 035
2009 4 15 045
that's Der feine Faden's "Potpourri"

And here's Plum Street Samplers' "Beedie's Garden":
2009 4 15 048

2009 4 15 052
2009 4 15 054
2009 4 15 057
2009 4 15 060

These last two from The Attic are potentials for an insert in a needlework purse I have awaiting my attention:
2009 4 15 038
2009 4 15 041

I couldn't just stash at The Attic though -- at the Grand Canyon I picked this kit up--
2009 4 15 059
I'm thinking of trying it over-1. Think it'll look cool?

By the by.... don't you find it terribly disconcerting when stash leaps into your arms while you are shopping? I just don't understand how it happens.

The GCGC did a little grab bag party one night an I was lucky enough to take home Sharon's "alarming" bag (she used one of those Hallmark Don't open til Christmas bags that kept wailing "Back away from the Bag".... honestly it was most vexing--- reach for stash, get yelled at, reach for stash, get yelled at.... do you think this is how Jung worked with his patients????). Anyway, I got all sort of goodies -- thanks Josh's mommy!!!
2009 4 15 007
Possibly the most special part of the package was my "Custom, Limited Edition" needle pack--
2009 4 15 008
You can't really tell, but it came pre-opened for my convenience and to the glee of everyone at the table. Possibly they thought I wasn't up to opening my own needle pack?

Well I'd better go. More later. I wish you all a lovely day.


staci said...

I would comment on everything here, except I am completely distracted by and besotted with your Winter Floral Sampler...

I'm off to find one for me!!!

Snip said...

Wow! What a great stash haul. Ginormous! I can't wait to see what you do with the finishing forms!

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - great stitching and stash! I'm jealous that you get to see Simon Baker. I'm a huge fan of the Mentalist (remember him in the Guardian?). He just cracks me up in this show!

Karen said...

Ruth i thought you were missing a needle in the pack! LOL Guess i needed another drink, huh? ROFLMAO!!! we need more baileys and chocolate shot glasses! WOOHOO!!

Dani said...

Great stash haul! I especially like the kit you picked up of the Grand Canyon.

Chris said...

Karen, me too. Until looking at her posted picture and seeing "3 needles" at the top of the package, I thought there was a needle missing too. ROFLOL. Well, we were drinking.

Great pics Ruth. Have fun today, hope you get to meet Simon.

Hazel said...

Goodness what a lot of goodies to see. Love the little floss ring tag Karen made. xx

Carol R said...

Great stash haul!

Shelleen said...

Great stash haul. I love Charlaine Harris and the show True Blood.

Siobhan said...

What great pics! Love the stitching, and the stash haul--fab!!

We don't have The Mentalist OR True Blood here yet but I'm hoping to score the DVD sets this summer. I'm not sure if The Mentalist will be out by then. Simon Baker--whooah!

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

I'm laughing over "Never Enough Thyme"! That's my life. LOL

Thanks for all of the stash and project pictures.

By the way, did you get my email?

Windy Meadow

Dani - tkdchick said...

You just get to have the most fun!!!! Great stashing there!

Michele said...

omg gcgc gf .. how much I miss you!!!! your post had me roflmao and everyone at work wondering what the heck was going on!

I adore True Blood and The Mentalist and am green that you get all that fun! I do love quotes too! flesh colored shoes! now that's funny!