Sunday, November 16, 2008

Up to no good, as usual

Hey there. And a happy Sunday unto you and yours. Ok, so I sound a little punchy. I was at work for 12 hours yesterday and I'm in the midst of hour 5 today. I'm surrounded by dust and paper and non-functional equipment. Ahh, the joy of it all. I do get my chuckles though. For instance I opened a box I was getting ready to edit catalog records on and found......
11_16_2008 001
... a petrified bagel. lol No, it's not mine. I think it probably belonged to the person who was scanning the box contents for me. At least it hadn't been adorned with cream cheese before being "lost" in my file boxes.

The office joys aside, I realize I hadn't shown my "huge" progress on Trilogy's Gathering of Hearts --
11_08_2008 039
Oh yeah, I'm really flying! That's what, 4 lines and 2 hearts since last we visited this pattern. What I lack in speed I make up for in loyalty!

I have actually been stitching other things, but I'm not sure I can share the RRs I've been working on. You'll just have to wait until I get clearance to share. Sorry.

I also owe some pictures of my last Vikki Clayton package. I took advantage of her hand-dyed fabric sale and got myself a package of the "naturals"--
11_08_2008 003
11_08_2008 007
11_08_2008 005
11_08_2008 008
Cool, huh? And I also picked up a couple "grab bag" spools while I was at it--
11_08_2008 010
If you didn't know, she's currently got all of her existing silks on sale since she's switching to a different base silk type--- half off all silks is nothing to sneeze at!

I have a question/thoughts for you. It's actually Julie's question. In her post for today Sunday the 16th Julie asks "Does what's on TV or the music you listen to make you stitch faster?"
Initially I thought "nah." After all, if I'm even glancing at the TV then I'm not stitching. But then again I recently realized something hysterical (at least to me). You see I'm an NCIS fan. If you've hung out here, you know that. Anyway, it was just last month that I discovered that there are actually titles for the episodes that show up on the screen. Seems I'm not really "watching" so much as listening while I stitch. lol Anyway, in my life I theorize that:
1. Really good TV slows my stitching because I'm too drawn to the screen to bother with my needle.
2. Good TV (or really good TV I've seen before) speeds up my stitching because I can listen, enjoy the episode and yet concentrate on my stitching without realizing how focused I am on my stitching.
3. Bad TV (or the lawyer parts of Law and Order) slow my stitching because I have to put it down to switch channels in hopes of something more entertaining.

That's way too much thought isn't it?

Go have a great rest of your day!

BTW-- Nic is having a giveaway on her site. Check the post for Friday. ... Good luck!


Kathryn said...

Hey! Progress is progress even if it only a stitch.

If the television was on, my stitching progress would be zero. I really don't understand how anyone stitches with pictures moving in the same room. On the other hand, I don't understand how anyone can stitch without podcasts, audiobooks, or music. When it is dead silent, I find stitching boring. So my eyes are on my stitching while my ears are far away.

Interesting to see Vickie's hand dyed fabric. Mine should be here sometime next week. I got my first set of VC threads on Friday. The rest will be with the fabric. I decided to do Long Dog Samplers Beautie Spotte (with the dodo!) in silk rather than DMC/GAST. So I translated all the threads (took an age), but I think it will be worth it.

Less than two weeks until Loscon. I could certainly use a fan fix!

Tama said...

Those fabrics are really pretty! Lucky you!!
and hey, progress is progress! I'm happy if I get a whole row done on my stitching!

Gaynor said...

I hadnt thought about speed of stitching...I love NCIS and can stitch and watch intermittently...I dont really like to stitch in silence, but then I have been a mum for 21 years and my youngest is only 8 so I guess I am just used to lots of noise lol

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

If I watch TV and stitch, then I really don't get alot done. I have the attention span of a gnat, so I am easily drawn away from my stitching to the action on the TV.
The fabric & threads are lovely. I can't wait to see what you make with them. :)

CraftyT said...

Love the progress on Hearts.

I also took advantage og the silk sale. Got some lovely silks. The spools you recieved are pretty..

I LOVE the fabric, I was really debating wheather I sould buy some or not, I decided not to, but after seeing the colors you have I probably should have.

Take Care

karen said...

Hey Ruthie! you can show pics of my RR, I would love to see how it is progressing.
Yummy long lost bagel. LOL definitely good there was no cream cheese. EWWWWWW

Carolyn NC said...

Yes, I'm an NCIS junkie - can never see enough! I love to stitch while watching tv, but if it's really good, I don't stitch as much. The Mentalist is right up there with NCIS. I do love a show with some witty humor in it as a sideline! Love the fabrics and threads. And you've made progress on the heart; that's always a good thing!

Sharon said...

Nice progress on your heart piece! Great stash-the fabric is lovely.

Julie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Ruth.

I tihnk the reason my project grew when i was watching TV this weekend was the one colour/one row - no concentration needed really LOL

Nice fabric and threads.

Kathy A. said...

All those new fabrics are luscious.
I stitch with the TV on too and I do more listening than watching.

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Hey, at least you made some progress! LOL!

I stitch in a corner of the dining room at the table and I just listen to the radio. This way, DH and kidlets can stop by and talk when they want and I'm close to all of the family activity in the family room.

Enjoyed seeing Vickie's hand dyed fabric.

Windy Meadow