Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's a funny ole world

So, I get to the surgeon's office and fill out my paperwork. I have my whole head x-ray (yes, they did find something, very funny). Mr. Surgeon comes in flips up the xray and gives a laughing snort -- "no way we can take this out under a local. We've got to put you under." They couldn't do that yesterday so I had an appointment for this morning, but that got cancelled when I didn't have a way to get to/from said appointment and when my sister found out that I'd just be going home afterwards. Apparently some of her friends have done some "interesting" things under the influence of the gas and post-op drugs so she was having none of it unless I promised to do it when I could go stay with someone for at least 24 hours.

I now have an appointment for January... also a sister's idea since I can fund the medical saving account program and use that to pay the potential bill.

Oh the fun of it all! I thank you for all your good wishes. No doubt the helped stave off some utter disaster that would have befallen me should I have had my tooth yanked out yesterday.

Since I've gotten a reprieve, I'm going to take this chance to share last weekend's fun. It all began Friday night when we celebrated my needlepoint buddy, Jenn's bday. Here's a terrible pic of the bday girl (her actual birthday was in October.... never let it be said I rush into anything!)--
11_08_2008 014
She's holding up her latest Mindy canvas that she's doing for her mom. The black squares get gold musical note charms on them.

And here's the entertainment for the evening:
11_08_2008 019
You see our friend Judy who was partying with us likes animal shows. The one she found for us was on Spanish tv. I insisted that we weren't going to watch Spanish television so she muted the volume and cooed over the cheetahs. The funniest thing was it meant she had to quit stitching because since she had no audible clues for what was going on she couldn't take her eyes off the screen for fear of missing something.

On Saturday I went and played at my needlepoint shop. Check out the goodie on the table --
11_08_2008 023
11_08_2008 026
The shop teacher did this piece. I like to think of it as the perfect diet cake.

Jenn and I had come in through the back door so part way through the morning she said I needed to check out the front windows. Our shop owner goes all out decorating for holidays. So here's what I found in the main window--
11_08_2008 030
It wasn't until later when I was wandering by the window again that I noticed something --
11_08_2008 032
See! I lead the list of "Nice" little girls.... for once in my life! lol

As long as I'm featuring the shop decorations I'll share the dollhouse semi-replica of the shop that lives in the window --
11_08_2008 034
11_08_2008 035
Isn't it cool?

While spending the day gabbing and stitching on Karen's Society RR I took a little time to do the floss toss (aka color changing) for the LK flip-its that I got that cool fabric from Mary of M Designs for --
11_08_2008 029
Once again I've changed most of the colors, but I like these better than the onces called for, but they still go with the nifty fabric. Now I'm itching to start stitching. At the moment I'm leaning towards doing it over one. Am I nuts?

Finally, while at the shop I found a canvas that will be my reward for when I finish 5 canvases already in my stash --
11_08_2008 037
For this one I'll even... gasp... do French knots.


Kathryn said...

My favorite LNS (Status Thimble in Burlingame, CA) has a set of petite fours in needlepoint. She calls them "Diet Pills".

I can do over long as it is an inch square. LOL

Yes, we will be at Loscon, starting Thursday night.

Kathy A. said...

Oh my girl! I have been away and read over your last few posts. You have been busy. Your Fall Fling looked like so much fun. thank you for making me feel like I was there. I just love the store windows in your LNS. How beautiful they are. Nice stitching ther girl.

karen said...

Ruth, you are going to stitch over one? WHAT?!?!?! I have to see this to believe it! after all that grief you gave me? ROFLMAO!!! you go girl! Over one is addicting!!!

Carolyn NC said...

Your LNS sounds fantastic - love the cake. Good luck on the upcoming surgery and the stitching.

Yvonne..... said...

What a beautiful Christmas window display!

Good luck on the tooth between now and January.

mainely stitching said...

Wow, that's some LNS!!! Sounds like you enjoyed a great time. And I'm glad that your sister looks out for you so well. I was pretty loopy after having all 4 of mine removed (under full anesthesia) and got on a jigsaw puzzle 'thing' and spent a good 6 hours or so doing them obsessively. Which is odd because ... I don't like puzzels at all.

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Love all of the pictures!

Over 1 is fun! Just make sure you have good lighting and magnification if you need help!

You'll have to let us know if you have any of those interesting adventures after having your tooth pulled! :-)

Windy Meadow

Gaynor said...

It is a fantastic dispay, and i love hte naughty and nice list hehe.