Friday, September 12, 2008

One more down ..... and a call to arms!

Another ornie bit the dust this week:
9_10_2008 005

I have some 20 ornies done and waiting for finishing. Consequently I am declaring at least part of this weekend Ornament Finishing Weekend! Who wants to join me? Come on! --- a little sewing together, a little stuffing, a little ribboning -- it'll be fun!!!! Yeah, I am trying to be perky about it. I'll even try and be real positive about it -- how about I plan to have at least 10 ornies finished-finished by Monday? Cross your fingers for me.

Yesterday I depressed myself a little by discovering some stash I had hidden away. Heavens I have a lot of fantasy patterns! Sheesh, I need to get stitching. For instance---
9_11_2008 042
9_11_2008 036
9_11_2008 030
Ok, are you hiding a hoard of these as well? You are welcome to join the Fantasy SAL Blog for support, encouragement, and temptation.

On other fronts -- anyone catch the premiere of True Blood this week? If you did, let's discuss -- So, what did you think? Fascinating how much racier Sookie got for cable movie channels. lol My summation comment on the episode: That's not a collie! runner up for summation comment: Did you think Jason had that cute a butt? Frankly, I never thought I'd be seeing Jason's butt.

I'd like you to meet Kabuki --
9_07_2008 007
She's my neighbor at home (mom's) and she enjoys sunning herself on the picnic table in our yard. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the bird feeder is on the table to the right of her and the birdbath is just visible in the background (left corner) lol
9_07_2008 009
She's very pretty and quite friendly. She was even nonplussed by me showing up and staring at her through the window and talking to her but the clicking of the camera she wouldn't tolerate.

Special Notes:

Ya'll might get hair pictures if someone else was ever around me with a camera. lol

Karen -- the reindeer ornie is from a Gift os Stitching issue. I'll check on which one and let you know.


Barbara said...

Well, Ruth, I'd happily join you for a weekend of ornament finishing if I had any to finish ... I'm SUCH a bad slacker this year!

Amy said...

I'm hoping to do some finishing this weekend Ruthie, but I only have 2 ornies ready to finish. I'll try to stitch another tonight in your honor. ;-)


Beatrice said...

Have a good weekend...get lots done!
Nice charts.
That lovely cat looks like my cat that I had for 13 years. She is so pretty! hmm she's looking at the birds through the corner of her eye!

Kathy A. said...

Hmmm - I want to get to 20 before I start making them up. I only have 8 so I will watch your progress instead. I love your Dragon Dreams - Dragon Quilt. That is sooo cute.

Kendra said...

I've got several ornaments to finish...but I'm waiting until I get the final one stitched before I get into the finishing.

Kabuki is a beautiful kitty! Love her's like her tail and the top of her head were dipped in black paint.

Shelleen said...

the kitty is very cute. I watched True Blood and have read most of the series. I wasn't really impressed with the show. I thought they made Sookie look like a blonde airhead and I really didn't see her like that in the books.

Michele said...

20 ornaments? omg gf! can I buy some from you? lol

I watched True Blood and really liked it .. but I have no history about the show .. never heard of it before or the books .. not a very good conversationalist here! lol

Meari said...

Nice stash... and cute kitty!