Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor/Christmas Ornie weekend

Man was I a slug. Salt my tail and I'd have to shrivel up. On Saturday I went with friends to the Bowers Museum which is hosting an exhibit of China's terra cotta warriors. [It's going from here to Atlanta, Houston, and the National Geographic Museum in D.C. -- go see it. It's small but very nifty.] Since returning home from it about 5pm on Saturday I did not leave my hovel until I left for work this morning. All weekend and the furthest I went was the kitchen sink and the ladies room. All I did was watch tennis (So, what do you think of the Open so far this year?], watch the telethon, catch up on my videos [I made it through either 5 or 6 entire tapes -- that means 25-30 hours of tv viewing in addition to tennis and the telethon], and stitch. Oh, and nap. There was definitely some napping in there. lol I might be able to take Olympic bronze in napping.

Oh, a note on the Bowers and the Warriors exhibit. It really was nice and I'm glad I went. The Bowers, however, left much to be desired. The space was inadequate to the number of people viewing (or, trying to view), the air conditioning was off in the main section of the exhibit (the temporary units stuck in doorways were soooo not up to the job), the "goodies" for sale, missed several opportunities [you have these exterior banners on the museum sides and on street lights that would be perfect exhibit posters, but you don't produce an exhibit poster???? And, finally, a special note to the Bowers staff: the least you can do on a high-profile traveling exhibit is dust the glass cases that it's in [honest! There were case tops in the exhibit with enough dust that I could have written my name.]

So, at least I have something to show for my weekend of sluggishness --
9_01_2008 006
9_01_2008 008
9_01_2008 011
9_01_2008 014
sorry for the blurriness

9_01_2008 018
The one on the left is fresh this weekend -- It's done with one thred for the specialty stitches and I think it works much better than the two thread version on the right.

9_01_2008 022
9_01_2008 024

Yes, I am feeling pretty smug. Sure, many of you would have tossed those off in a day, but I'm slow.... so I feel I'm entitled to be smug. I think all of these will end up in the ornie exchange event at Pals. If you came, you too could take part in the giant ornament shuffle. Here's a piece of the offerings from last year --
ornie exchange table
[For the record I was lucky enough to recieve the green stitched banner ornie in the middle of the picture -- it's by our friend Karen.]

The ornie exchange night is almost as much fun as the event's grab bag friacus. Trust me, Pals take the trading of grab bags to the extreme -- it is best to take a nap the afternoon of that part of the event because you're going to be up really late.

Quotes of the weekend:
"'Sex' 'Socks' -- it's pretty much the same word."
Booth -- Bones

"Nice to meet you, Rose. Run for your life."
The Doctor -- Doctor Who

"Taking a big space truck with a bunch of strangers across a diamond panet called "Midnight?" What could go wrong?"
The Doctor -- Midnight -- Doctor Who

"This is not the time for petty sibling squabbles; that's what Thanksgiving's for."
Spencer -- Psych


Kathryn said...

That's a mighty nice selection of ornies. I would have grabbed that Brittercup cat, but then again I am very fond on Christmas trees, too. Decisions, Decisions!

(Yah, never left the house Saturday, Sunday OR Monday, but lots of shopping today, so that makes up for sloth?)

Mel said...

Wow what a collection of ornaments. It all looks very lovely

Kathy A. said...

Those ornaments are so lovely Ruth. That's a job well done. The one's for last year are just stunning. How could you pick just one?
I don't know where the flower basket pattern came from. It was in a magazine that I tore the pages out of before I got sane and stopped doing that LOL.

Chiasmata said...

Oh, a long weekend sounds lovely. You spent yours exactly the same way I spend mine - it's lovely, isn't it? I love the pile of ornies you got through, although seeing that much Christmas is kinda making me want to curl up in a corner. *is a scrooge*

cathymk said...

What a fabulous load of ornaments! Just wonderful!

Barbara said...

Toss that off in a day? I thought a weekend was a miracle. It would take me a month or more!Great job!!

Chris said...

Every now and then, a body needs a weekend of relaxing, TV watching, napping and stitching. Great job on the ornies. I could not have whipped all of those out in a long weekend .... so you are NOT a slow stitcher. I've got to start working on ornies soon.

Sonda in OR said...

If that's slug-mode stitching, I don't know what would happen if you sped up! Looks great, all of it!

Sharon said...

The ornaments look fabulous!

Sally said...

Wow what a wonderful collection of ornaments! You've done a great job stitching those. I love the one with the birds.

Janaina said...

I just loooove the spool ones you make. They are so darling! =)

Yvonne..... said...

So sorry about the exhibit. Was thinking that might be something to see when it comes to Atlanta but I may hold off on making the trip.

Michele said...

damm dammmm dammmmm, you are going to beat me again! You are soooo not a slow stitcher! Look at all the ornies you've got stitched and ready to come to my house! lol

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