Saturday, May 24, 2008

I finished STUFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alert the media. It's a miracle!!!! I've been enjoying my 5-day weekend by stitching and watching videos (when not napping). And somehow I really go the completion bug -- but I had to struggle to get there.

You see I worked Wednesday night and part of Thursday on my Vierlanden. Please note the "massive" [wink wink, nudge nudge] progress:
Here's where I was when I last worked on it in.... gasp.... February
2_16_2008 059

And here's how far I got in a day and a half on and off:
Vierlanden overall 2008_5_21
A close up of what I was actually working on--
Vierlanden close up 2008_5_21

Well then I got this itchy feeling. I just "had" to start something NEW. Yeah, like I need another WIP. I told myself I'd do something really small that I could finish so I got out some candidates....
New project save me 2008_5_21
And I fondled them warmly with that doofy little stash grin on my face.

Then a bit of guilt started speaking to my hind brain and I gathered up all the WIP/UFOs I could spot laying around and got this lovely family picture:
quick find IPs 2008_5_21
Thoroughly shamed and humbled. I put all the new projects away and went on a finishing tear.

At loooong last I finished the final dozen stitches on M Designs class project from the Cross Stitch Pals Myrtle Beach Fall Fling of 2006:
M Designs wreath ornie fini 2008_5_22

Sharon's Society RR sqaure 2 (August BC Snapper with color adjustments for the gulls and light house)
Sharon RR Aug 2008_5_22

And for Simone's Christmas in July exchange I did this
ornie for Simones Christmas in July 2008_5_22
It is on a white opalescent, but you can't really tell that. It does not get to be counted as part of the WIP Finishing Fest since it was a fresh start, but I kinda feel it gets a little credit since I've "wanted" to stitch it for a whiel and I needed to get an ornie ready for Simone's exchange.

I even made progress on somethings.....
Besides Vierlanden I did some work on my Quaker a la 6 Mains--
Quaker a la 6 Mains 2008_5_21

Sorry Margaret no work yet on the Fairy. lol


Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Three finishes?! Wahoo!!!

And Rome or should I say, Vierlanden wasn't built in a day. :-) You are making progress and you will get there.

So says someone who read your blog entries from beginning to end and has seen all of the projects that you have not only finished stitching but actually finished!

Have a wonderful stitching weekend!

Windy Meadow

karen said...

I am feeling inspired Ruth! Great job on finishing some of them and having the strength to put the newbies back away. I do not have that strength. I should get a pic of my wip's/ufo's you will feel much better when you see my pile.

Courtney said...

wow, so gorgeous! What color is that thread in the first project pictured - the variegated rose/cream/green color? it's so beautiful and that piece looks amazing with it!!

Nic said...

Congratulations on overcoming temptation - you know you've done the right thing, and you still have these things in your stash to look forward to!

I've still got a stack of UFOs, I'm shaming myself into finishing them by listing them in the sidebar of my blog.

Actually, yesterday I finished one that was at least 10 years old, so go us! :o)

Anonymous said...

Well, huzzah and hurrah!! Love the stash and WIP piccies... phew, I'm not alone.. ;o)
Love the 6 Mains progress!

Barbara said...

Holy smokes! I want a 5-day weekend, too! Knowing me, though, I'd probably spend at least 3 of the days catching up on sleep! LOL!

Paisley said...

Fabulous stitching all around!

Lynn said...

Hi Ruth, thanks for stopping by my blog! I took a huge whiff of those lilacs for you. They're already drooping, they don't last long enough!
I absolutely love the Vierlanden. I see it's a mystery sampler. How does one get involved in this one? It's gorgeous! What floss are you using? I love the colour!

Janaina said...

Ohhh... what a busy little bee you are!=P Great finishings! Well done!
I also need to foccus on the Xmas in July ornament. I have it all setted but have a bday gift on the list too.
Love yours!

Chris said...

You have been stitching and finishing like crazy my friend. Wonderful inspiration. I only stitched a short time yesterday. I will be picking up needle within the next hour and plan to stitch until I go to bed tonight.
How much will you get finished between now and Monday morning? I think I hear Halloween Fairy calling your name....

Linen Stitcher said...

Ah, Vierlanden! It's lovely to see it in your rotation and admire the progress!! And look at you, finishing things left and right. Your projects all look wonderful and I'm very impressed. Where do I get some of that finishing motivation for myself . . . ?

Sharon said...

your finishes are lovely! congrats.

Sonda in OR said...

A little stash fondling never hurt anyone, but good for you on stopping there! (For both of us.) I, however, was weak of heart today and had another start.

I love that Vierlanden...I don't think I've noticed that one before. Yours looks awesome and, of course, so do the other finishes!

Shelleen said...

keep on stitching and finishing. You can do it :-)