Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I even did some more!

First things first, thank you all for your kind words. It's about time I actually got some stitching done, eh?

Happy Post-Memorial Day. I hope you all had a peaceful weekend. Maybe you domestic types spent Sunday evening like I did – watching PBS’ Memorial Day Concert.
Memorial Day Concert 2008
It made me cry like always, but nonetheless kudos to Gary Sinise for a nice showing as host.

In honor of the day I spent part of Monday on a little Memorial stitching
5_26_2008 002
5_26_2008 005
As you can probably read in the picture, that’s JBW’s Red, White, and Blue limited edition kit from 2001. It worked quickly and without undue frogging vexation.

But if you want to discuss frogging vexation let’s talk about my Sunday stitching choice
5_25_2008 008
Trilogy’s Gathering of Hearts. It hadn’t been out of the bag in probably a year. How embarrassing is that? Sure, I got done what I aimed to, namely the top part of the heart and the box around the heart, but for crying out loud the bottom part of the box was out to get me. I ended up having to frog close to a dozen times. And half of those times were AFTER I’d tied off. Sigh. It was out to get me. But it does look cool, doesn’t it?

Aside from the above, I also managed to finish a bunny ornie
5_25_2008 003
for the Brides Tree SAL and make a start on another ornie--
5_25_2008 012
This one is by Cherished Stitches from one of the JCS ornie magazines. Sure, I shouldn’t have started new things, but I wanted to do ornies AND I wanted to feel accomplishful AND I wanted to stitch in silk (both of these two are in Vikki Clayton’s). Now, you say, Ruth, old friend, isn’t a lot of the wing that you need to stitch for the Halloween Fairy in silk? Why, yes! It is. Still, somehow, that wasn’t the silk that called to me at midnight. lol Yeah, I’m weird. So sue me.

I really like this being accomplishful. Hmmm possibly it should be a trend? Not only did I stitch a lot, but I also plowed through a pile of wonder-what’s-on-this videos. Over the course of the last 5 days I watched 5 of the 6 Star Wars movies (thanks for the loan, Luce), 3-4 Doctor Whos, 5-6 Sarah Jane Adventures, Sex and Mrs X (such a fun movie), probably 20 Perry Masons, a couple Numbers, a couple Bones, a couple Burn Notices, a couple Cook’s Tours, and 3-4 episodes of Carrier. Yeah, I was a lot behind. There’s still 4 videos in the “current” behind pile, but that’s darn good for me. I’m thinking tonight might be an “antique tape” night. I have quite the collection of languishing videos. The only problem was all this stitching and viewing gave me a bruised tail bone from sitting on my bed for hours on end. Note to self—more wandering around cleaning is required for long weekends!

Recently finished: Algis Budrys’ Unexpected Dimension – wonderful anthology of stories surrounding death. It’s not nearly as depressing as it sounds like it would be. The last story, “The Executioner,” is my personal favorite.
Also recently “finished:” Jeff Prucher’s Brave New Worlds: The Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction—it’s ok. Not perfect, not wonderful, but usable and worthy I suppose. Lots of key scifi words and concepts are defined – first briefly in standard dictionary-form, then in a series of dated examples of the word in use in scifi-related texts. My issue is that the definitions relating to fandom terms frequently use other fandom terms that are not themselves included in the dictionary. Memo to dictionary writers, definer the words you use to define words.
Probably about to start: Charlaine Harris’ Dead Until Dark although maybe it’ll be Robinson’s Gilead which has been languishing for a year.


Chiasmata said...

Congrats on the continued finishing run! We'll turn you over to the dark and mysterious world of finishers in no time. :P No wonder that heart has been a UFO for ages, making you frog like that. You have a lot more patience that I do, I would have just declared it 'personalised' after the second frogging attempt!

Barbara said...

Hey, thanks for the reading update - the death book actually sounds really interesting. And I would LOVE to watch some Dr Who videos! LOL! :D

Great stitching projects/pictures. Good luck with that pesky heart!

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

You made lots of great progress. And several finishes!

Well, at least you started Halloween Fairy. Mine is in my stash and hasn't seen the light of day since I received it as a gift from DH!

So sorry about the heart but it might have felt depressed that you didn't work on it for the last year. :-(

Now that you are making progress it will behave! Or Else!!! :-)

Windy Meadow
Where we didn't have any time to stich this long weekend due to children activities and the yearly family reunion! I should have more time this weekend and I have new pictures to share!

Michele said...

WOW gf you are on a roll! I love that patriot finish! I'm going to have to look for that one :) Love that bunny too!

and your new starts are great! you are sooo funny about your silks :)

ohhhh we love Burn Notice! Can't wait for it to start! Don't watch Bones .. but we love House :)

Sonda in OR said...

I like your little finishes and glad you perservered on the heart. Hearing you describe all that sitting on your butt stitching and watching videos made me instantly yearn to do the same. Soon...

Janaina said...

Bunny is surely my fave! Great work on that little fellow! =)