Thursday, July 12, 2007

Here I am

Jeez nearly an month. And what a month it's been. I know, I know. I owe updates, but I don't have all that much to show because what I've been working on is.... ... shhhhh.. a secret. So, you don't get to see much yet. Sorry. You'll live, trust me.

What I can share is my pathetic progress on:
Midsummer Nights Designs' "Quaker Meeting House"
Midsummer Nights Designs -- My Quaker House as of 7/11/2007 and I simply must say that working with the Silk n Colors blue is WONDERFUL !!!!

Then we have a little progress on Mirabilia's "Halloween Fairy"
Mirabilia Halloween Fairy as of 7/11/2007

And a bit of progress on a Dutch motif I'm going to make into a Christmas ornie. I'm doing it in Carrie's Creation "Highland Hills" and DMC blanc -- that Highland Hills is so perfect for Christmas!!! The picture just doesn't even coe close to showing the vibrancy and inner glow of the color.
Durch motif Christmas ornie as of 7/2007

On other fronts, The Yellow Tree is in its shedding-fuzzy-pod stage (its most unattractive period). But the patio is gracing us with The Lavender Tree. I don't know what it's called either, but it sure is pretty. It got passed over in the smell category though -- no scent at all. The Lavender Tree The Lavender Tree

If you really want to know what I've been up to for a month, allow me to introduce my desk. I leave tomorrow afternoon for Napa. When I leave this needs to have a certain amount of respectability...... yeah, I'm accepting all prayers! lol counter 7/11/2007 counter 7/11/2007 counter 7/1//2007 It's slightly better than these pics since I sent 13 hours at the office yesterday and made a tiny dent in the desktop-- it would have been a bigger dent if I hadn't been tagged to hunt down a zoo where we could sponsor a capybara (that's the world's largest rodent, and an amphibious one at that, in case you were wondering). To balance the 13 hours, the pictures don't show you the floor. Honest to pete, I'm doomed.

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Kathryn said...

Good to see you back again. Have a great time in Napa.