Monday, June 18, 2007

It's done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

The Beau Geste/Radko needlepoint ornie is done! Only took 3 years. lol
Radko FINISHED!!!!!  6/16/2007
I'll have it finished as a flat-back ornie, but I'm not sure what cording I'll pick. I'd like to go with the gold, but what I used in the stitching is ribbon and that won't cord very well.

I also had a Christmas stitching fetish of sorts this weekend. Check this out....
ornie blitz 6/16-17/2007
The birds in baskets are part of the big sampler pattern in this month's Gift of Stitching. They are done in whatever it is that Needle Necessities calls their Christmasy green and Cristmasy red, and the multi-colored one is in Six Strand Sweets "Rhubarb" (appropos of nothing... my favorite kind of pie).

ornie blitz 6/14-6/17/2007
The one on the gold mushroom lugana is in DMC and Carrie's Creations "emerald" (at least I think it's emerald). The dark motif is part of a pattern whose name escapes me at the moment and is done in a Kreinik braid and a Needle Necessities which in hank form clearly switches from green to red, but doesn't translate that so clearly in stitched form.

Back to work...... so many annoyances, so little time.

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