Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Quick update

I've been working on Vierlanden! It's a miracle, I know. :)
Vierlanden Mystery aas of 4/3/2007
Vierlanden Mystery close up as of 4/3/07
As you can see I changed not only the alphabet around, but I took liberties with the end where a date was supposed to go....
Vierlanden page 6

I also did some on Midsummer Night's "Quaker Meetinghouse"
Midsummer Night's Dream-- Quaker Meeting House as of 4/2/2007
And, what with me being me, I changed the red flower to a rose/pink flower. The flosses are for the blue Silk and Colors "Stormy Skies," the green Sampler Thread "Grape Leaf," and for the pink Silk and Colors "Nan's Mulberry."


Dolci Fusa said...

Your Quaker Meetinghouse is growing gorgeus, I'm anxious to see it finished!

Sandy said...

Love it! Yes it's Sandy from Cross Stitch Pals. :D

Amy said...

It's just "loverly" Ruthie! ;) Hugs!