Thursday, March 29, 2007

You were a dismal failure!

you did not succeed in your assgnment to keep me from starting again. Man, did you NOT succeed. lol In the last week I started:

Midsummer Nights Designs Quaker Meetinghouse
Midsummer Night Designs Quaker Meetingshouse
So far I've made it this far:
Midsummer Nights Design Quaker Meeting House 3/27/2007
I'm stitching on 32-count jobelan (probably parchment) with Thread Gatherer Silk and Colours "Stormy Skies" and Sampler Threads "Grape Leaf" and "Cranberry." The wite is still up for grabs but it'll probably either be Sampler Threads "Oatmeal" or Weeks "Whitewash."

I also continued something I started 2 weeks ago, Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy -- Mirabilia Halloween Fairy closeup
So far I've come to the conclusion that Bunny Honey and whatever that other brown Crescent Color this pattern calls for are *not nearly* different enough!!! See:
Mirabilia Halloween Fairy 3/27/2007

I *also* started a little freebie Quaker motif. I'm doing it over one on some 28 count ight blue linen with a funky (unknown) color of Victoria Clayton silks:
Quaker freebie motif in a mystery hank of Victoria Clayton Silks

So you see that you have failed utterly and completely! lol

I have shown great discretion over the last two days though. I have worked exclusively on my Vierlanden Mystery Sampler. And I can happily say I now have all the crowns and the whole first row of letters in. I apologize for a lack of pic though... maybe this weekend. :)

Quote of the day: "It is the prerogative of wizards to be grumpy."
Jim Butcher – Storm Front

Still can't *#($&)@^#*(@&$ find: Zelazny's This Immortal zelazny this immortal
Currently reading: Tony Hillerman Hunting Badger ; Jim Butcher's Storm Front; and Terry Pratchett's Going Postal

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Cathy C said...

Your Funky Unknown color by Victoria Clayton is just gorgeous....I e-mailed her to ask if she has any more of this hidden somewhere. What a terrific mistake if it was in the dyeing process...totally cool color and I love the way it stitched up!