Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stop me before I start again....

Ok, I was antsy I guess. I took my birth-week off to stitch whatever called to me sooooooooo.....

One night I *had* to do something new so I did a part of a pattern from The Gift of Stitching:
While watching QVC's all Irish 24-hour special I not only bought a sweater and a jacket, but I started and finished A. Fox Original's "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"
A. Fox Originals -- When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
I also finished an ornie from last year's JCS issue --- only, what, 6 months in the making!!! lol
JCS ornie that only took 6 months to do!

I also started Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy. Sorry, I forgot to photo that.

Now I am back on the straight and narrow. I am working on that *(#@$^(*#)&@ collection of snowmen. Bad designer! Bad designer!

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