Monday, May 04, 2015

And We Have a WinnerI

Hello World, drum roll, please........  The winner of Chessie and Me's In virtue's Ways is.......


Congrats, Gillie.  I'll contact you about arranging delivery.  I hope she brings you a few hours of stitching fun.

Speaking of stitching fun, look who got several stars done on Ellen's flag (By Gone Stitching's One Nation)!

And I celebrated finishing Big Tree by starting another ornie -- one of the Lizzie Kate's that I've been saying I am going to do for years.  Sharp eyes will notice I'm changing the colors.  Why do I make my life so difficult?

I spent my Saturday being swamped with customers at the shop, but after they all left I managed to get another basket done on Ethel-- I;m really quite fond of this one.

The complete joy of the weekend however was getting to spend all day Sunday at the UCLA Powwow.  I used to go every year but for the last few years I've been in DC celebrating my sister's birthday at this time.  This year The Sister took herself to Europe for a marathon river cruise (cruise the river and do a segmented marathon at the various port stops) so I could indulge myself in my traditional spring event,

I particularly love the little ones --

Here's my total fan-girl moment of the day -- "front row" at the Midnight Express drum (one of my very favorite drum groups)

Some of you may recollect that I do a lot of shopping at powwow-- especially for beads.  Usually a few pounds (I think of them in poundage because they get pretty darn heavy as the day wears on and on and on.).  But this year the bead vendor didn't come.  Never fear!   I consoled myself with jewelry shopping...  lots of jewelry shopping.  Pics to come!

Hopefully I'll be productive tonight and have more to share this week-- both shopping and stitching.  I'm looking for May to be PRODUCTIVE.... who am I kidding, I look for that in every month, and in every month I don't seem to make my line in the sand.  lol

Pratchett thought of the day:

There’s nothing like laughter for undermining authority.
Making Money  –  Terry Pratchett

[Must be why I chuckle so much here at the Fortune 500]


Linda said...

Lots of lovely stitching Ruth. The pow wow looks like fun.


Barb said...

Your stars are just beautiful. I love the Pow Wow photos. Each year we have Chief Seattle Days and the folks from the Suquamish tribe (Chief Sealth's tribe) dance. There are cute little ones at that celebration too. Can't wait to see the jewelry!

Thoeria said...

Congrats to Gillie!
You've done some lovely stitching Ruth :)
Love the Pow wow pics...and will patiently await the arrival of the jewelry pics :)

Gillie said...

How lovely, thank you so much, Ruth, address speeding on its way.

Had to read the blog twice, then sit money changed hands.....well in the stitching arena at least....

Congratulations on the stars!