Thursday, December 18, 2014

Whew -- made it, and, Whoops -- off again

Hello gentle reader.  I made it safely to the East Coast only to be packing to head to Missouri tomorrow.  I feel a bit like the beginning of a whirlwind.  I've only had boots on the ground for maybe two days, and off I go again.  I bet this time I don't get a fast pass from TSA like I did on the way here ---- it was so cool not to take my shoes's the little things.

But before I head west to hang with my niece and cousins for a bit, I have stuff to share.  Stuff I have been making you wait for.   At long last you can see the ornie that went to my friend Sally in an exchange in Yahoo's Friendly Stitchers group.  Sally said she liked snow and whimsey so I finally had a reason to stitch this little guy --

I had been wanting to do him for a long time and finally I had the perfect excuse.  Thanks, Sally!

This was his back--

In exchange, check out the awesome ornie Sally sent me -- Isn't he wonderful?  How ever did she know I have a soft spot for cardinals?

Of course, in typical me fashion, just because I have gotten a couple ornies done didn't mean I focused on long-standing WIPs and UFOs.  Oh no!   I started a new piece --

He's by Vee and Co, but I'll be switched if I can remember what he is called.  Oh, and he'd have been started earlier if he too hadn't been caught in my infamous missing-black-silk affair.  He made the trip east with me so maybe he will become more apparent to you soon.

It will be a while before the above ornie takes real shape though because I have my hands full for right now........Practically the first thing off the plane began the tree trimming.  Decking the tree is serious business at my sister's house -- we have limited time to get 750-900 ornaments hooked (my job) and arranged on the tree.  Here's table one of many, many, many!  (Table one and two are always the Radko batches.)

On day one of decking the tree I hooked about 400 ornies and my sister got them all up on the tree.

Here's this year's poor tree before the 400 -- he has spinal issues.

With 400 ornies on him he barely looks decked!

And this, for the record was the first ornie to get hooked this year.   (with my gift of a needlepoint cocoa cup for my sister for Christmas last year in the background)

And here is the end of the evening--- the dregs of my whiskey smash.  Yummers!

Nope, no hall decking after whiskey smashes--- my sister is smart!

Nite nite -- someone needs to get to sleep so she can get up early for work so she can get plenty done before joining the jet set again.

Pleasant dreams/days to you all.  


Hazel said...

Awwww I wanted to see an after shot of your tree lol! Perfect ornies both given and received and I love your personalised back. X

Thoeria said...

Great ornies Ruth!
My but you're busy! I'm tired just thinking of all that whizzing around the country! No wonder you need those whiskey smashers :D

Linda said...

Those ornaments are gorgeous. I too want to see the tree when its done. Cute stitched ornies. I love the one you did. Who is the designer.


Margaret said...

Wow! How many Radkos do you all have??? I love Radko! We still have a couple or more that were made before he got all fancy with the special boxes and the Radko tags. They are in "made in Poland" boxes. lol!