Monday, November 04, 2013

I May Be a Lame Blogger, but I Do Have Finishes and RAKs!!!!:)

Our friend Lee (Lakeside Stitcher) posted wondering why we (many of us stitchy folks) were not blogging as we had been.   I, for one, hang my head in guilt and shame.  I have been a bad blogger.  But I did have a very good reason and one typical one.  On the typical front, I keep forgetting the pictures.  Yes, I know, I am lame.  But besides my typical lameness, I also have a very good reason for being MIA.....   My office moved..... again.  That's six space moves in three years.  Really?  And they wonder why productivity seems low.  Sheesh.   I still have plenty of move stuff to sort out, but my sanity deserves a little break.    So here we go with some bad pics (because I still can't find where the good ones are).

First of all -- get how lucky the move was for me.  Sure I had to do (and still have plenty left to do) bunches of heavy lifting and coworker wrangling, and prissy people soothing, but now I sit near the sample library for the architecture and interior design crews of my company and they have shelves and shelves of these:

And the counters are strewn with thinking-about-it collections:

Yes, gentle reader, it is awfully fun.  At lunch I can fondle fabric and dream of the day they need to toss some samples.  Mind you, not all of them are really usable for us. but there are plenty I would love to get my grubby hands on.

Another blast of luckiness in my life has been Stitch Specialists' (yahoo group) RAK group.  My little clublette includes Floss Bobbin (you should check out her cool patterns--- I'm loving her new robot!) and Janet (who is blogless, but then can't be harassed for feel guilty because she skips writing for months on end).  And, just as RAKs are theoretically designed to work, on two of the most miserable days of my moving adventures (when there were coworkers who were very lucky to go home without me knocking a few of their teeth out first), arrived packages of glorious surprise which instantly turned my day around.  Bless you Flossy and Janet!

From Janet came this bundle --
Yummy "Melon" floss from Victorian Motto, beautiful cream beads which I have a simply perfect plan for,  and the world's most perfect little snail tape measure.  Honest and true a tape measure.  You pull his little head out and press the center of his shell to retract.  He just makes me giggle!  Oh, and, truth in advertising, there was also a pack of M&Ms but those didn't last an hour.  I mean seriously, I am a *stitcher* after all.  lol

Flossy surprised me with a remarkable collection of Welsh goodies -- overdyed floss and fabric by Polstitches (from their Dragon line -- oh soooo appropriate for a dragon lover like myself) and a DARLING needlebook that Flossy herself made.  The dark chocolate with white chocolate elephant that graces the cover is darling and makes me think of a friend who passed away some years ago -- he totemed himself an elephant and he did so love chocolate.

And a finish --   I actually have many and I will be back with better pics, but for now we have to settle for the best my phone could do last night-- The bikers are back!

You can't really tell, but the cording is reversed on the two -- he has a purple sparkle and she has a green one.  Also, I shortened her bike shorts since actually my sister tends to ride in a modified biking/running skirt.  The bikes are colored to match their personal rides and her shoes got colored to match a pair Nike gave her for running a corporate team at the Nike DC Half Marathon this year.

Well, I am off to attack the world.... in a good way.  Happy Monday to you all and I PROMISE I will be back soon with pictures!!!!


Margaret said...

Oh my gosh -- I'd love to sit where those fabrics are!! Wow! That was a good move. :D Bummer that you've moved so often though. Lovely gifties from your friends! Love your bikers too!

cucki said...

Wow ..sweet goodies
Hugs x

LindataxPA said...

Love the bikers - your detail with the colors is great! I was with Lee at the retreat last week and we were talking about how life gets in the way of blogging and stitching and just stuff. We had a wonderful wonderful 2 1/2 days away from reality. I'm ready to go back again. For me, the fire has slowed life down a lot in the past year. Looking forward to more stitching even if I'm not blogging.
Hugs on surviving the move.

Preeti said...

Lovely finish and nice goodies!! I liked your post title :)
You have quite a visually appealing workspace ....I mean the things around you.
Productivity- might be, by moving often, they think the new place will be lucky and will improve productivity:)

Mylene said...

What lovely goodies from friends and oh those of those beautiful fabrics!!

Great finishes, congrats!!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Ah...fabric! As a former crazy quilter, I'd go wild sitting next to those! Your bikers are so special.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I'm a lame blogger too :)
But I sure do love those biker ornies!