Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Perky Wednesday

Yes, sir, I am going for a perky Wednesday -- no wait, how about Wonderful Wednesday?!  {Uh, it is Wednesday, right?  Dang it I hate it when I'm not certain.}  Anyway, I am going to have a very productive and peaceful day.  I AM!    And, you know what?  So are you!  So there.  Just go forth in Wonderful Wednesdayness and prosper.

An update on the #2 Finish-by-the-Shop-Christmas-Finishing-Deadline project  -- Cheffie
He's one of maybe 75 themed nutcrackers Susan Roberts offers

The white of the clothing is Neon Rays, the background is soufleed in Impressions and Silk Lame Braid, and the rest of Cheffie is a mix of floss and Fyre Works.  I intend to pad the poof on the hat and do the hair in Fuzzy Stuff.

After Cheffie will come The Engineer.  Darling, isn't he?

And since I'm being so good at staying focused I'm allowing myself a daily rumination on what I wish I was stitching.  Today the winner is LHN's Americana piece on the right... though the left one could work in a pinch.

On a completely unrelated front -- check out what I found at the grocery store --

Yes!   A whole cookbook dedicated to ramen recipes.  Now I do like ramen, but I draw the line at desserts!  And I am NOT make ramen-based lasagna!

And, since I can't close without a dose of vacation fun.... Here's one of my favorite things at the National Gallery-- copyists at work.

Now remember, go forth and have a wonderful Wednesday!


cucki said...

super sweet stitches.
big hugs x

SoCal Debbie said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog, Ruth! Your needlepoint nutcrackers are adorable! Go ahead and stitch on both of the charts that you'd rather be stitching. That's what I always say!

Annette-California said...

I am in awe of your specialty stitches on Cheffie! WOW! How is that you manage to decide what type of stitches to do and that fit in the given area where your stitching?
Remarkable..loved your post and the gallery photos especially. I've never seen anyone painting a copy right there next to an original.
love Annette

Blu said...

What a cute nutcracker!

I'm horrified by the idea of Ramen desserts. That is just wrong!