Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Monday!

So, are we perky all the way around the globe?   Ok, ok.  I know.  A little too much perk there.  I'm trying to hold on to the glow of the weekend--- and look forward to the utter bliss of the holiday weekend coming next weeknd here in the U.S.   All glory to extra stash abatement time!

A few exchanges have alighted with new owners so I have several share-worthy thigs for you today.

First, allow me to introduce the TOTALLY AWESOME Chirstmas-in-July exchange ornie I received from Sarah as part of the Friendly Stitchers yahoo group exchange --

Check out that amazingly wonderful finishing --

Isn't it fabulous?   I know you have exchange envy!   heee heee -- but it's mine!  All MINE!

I sent Sarah the following Lizzie Kate piece

You know me.  I just have to bead ornaments.   For the back I took a cardinal from another LK Chrismtas piece, boxed it up to match the theme of the front and then made up an alphabet that looked like it was LK-ish --

Does it boggle anyone else's mind how much stuffing one of these little ornies can hold?  Every time I'm baffled by the amount I need.

In F&S for the Halloween round I did a little ruthing to a Blackbird Designs Christmas ornament for Kathy

So, the bird and the vertical white column are from the afroementioned BBD Chrismtas ornie, the pumpkins on the front are from (I think) the BBD Anniversairs October piece, and the pumpkin on the back is from (once again, I think) the BBD Autumn, 3-part birds of a feather piece.  The rest I made up because they seemed to work.    Apparently neither Kathy nor I are very big Halloween people, so I turned this into an ode to the "witches" of Salem, hence the Salem and 1692 on the signature square.   [I thought of putting red boots on the crow, but only a Nanny Ogg fan would appreciate that.]

I owe you more pictures, but they'll have to await anotherday.  I need some culling time.  I don't know about you, but initially I love *all* the pics.  Weeding takes a little time and distance. 

happy stitching!!!!!


Margaret said...

I really love how creative you were for the Halloween one! Wow! Love the exchanges too!

Beth Pearce said...

Great exchanges given and received. Love the "designing" you did - brave woman!

Mouse said...

ooooo very pretty from sarah and I love your halloweenie one :) love mouse xxxxx

Sarah said...

Glad you liked your ornie it was fun to make. I love your Halloween piece too.

Suzanne said...

Pretty stitching, I really love the Halloween pieces.

tahir sumar said...
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tahir sumar said...
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Winster King said...

Pretty stitching, A little same with Chinese knot