Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Parades of all sorts

Sorry for the delay on my Championship Parade report.  Apparently the overwhleming joy of the day distracted me.  hee heee

It was a lovely day in Kings' Fanland.   All sorts of fans turned out -- including this pup with his own jersey

.... and everyone behaved quite nicely -- One of my big-smile moments was when the police officer in front of my section of the barracades addressed the crowd: "Now you're all going to have a great time and cheer and have fun, right? No one here is going to cause us any trouble, right?" The response from a guy in the back of the crowd -- "Heck no! We're not *basketball* fans!" lol

The Cup made an appearance --

We cheered star-tours buses of hockey elites --

And the streets of the city were filled with happiness --

In other life parades .... stitching continues.  I think I worked out what to do about the Bent Creek Noel ornie.

I went with Fern Frond from Belle Soie.  Why did I ever think I could do an eniter ornie without a little silk involved?

I think I finally committed to the stitch for the sand in Ladies Day.  Last night began the deciding about the threads --

Ok, on the left side of the sand the filler stitches is Soy Lustre on the right side is Lola rayon.  I believe I am going with the Soy.   I want a lighter shade and a light texture in this.  I think the Lola is a little too shiny and it is definitely too thick -- yes, I did know that going in, but sometimes I think I'm smarter than me.  Sigh.   Oh, and another good reason not to use the Lola -- it is a royal pain in the assets -- it twirls, it knots, it twists.  Sheesh-- you'd think I could remember how much I hate dealing with it.    On this piece, I can also report that while I'm enjoying the stitch and it does not goo too slowly, it is still so speed stitch so I believe my goal to have this finished this month will be dashed.

I recently started work on this jingle bell ornie for Strictly Christmas--

Why, I wonder, am I always drawn to things that can't have specialty stitches?   A good over-4 stitch would have this done in no time!

And a quick update -- In the last round of F&S I was matched with Daniela in Finland so I adjusted a BBD piece and a part of a piece from GOS for her  (if you follow the link you will See that Daniela has already finished the squares... yup, she's amazing!) --

The threads are a mix of Belle Soie, Silk and Colors, Sampler Threads, and floss.  The tree has a few peachy-colored beads to represent apricots because my grandpa had a big ole apricot tree that I used to love to play in and have fond memories of --- I wanted the squares to have a little bit of her (the flag) and a little of me.

Well, dear friends, I have to run.  Have a wonderful day!


Deb said...

It is so much fun when a hockey team wins. We're big hockey fans around here but it's been a while since Detroit won. Congratulations to LA! And all your stitching looks wonderful. Your needlepoint especially.

JillMN said...

Great pictures of the Stanley Cup. We were rooting for the Kings. Congrats!

Margaret said...

The parade looks like fun! Love all the stitchy goodness too. So pretty!

Mouse said...

ooo nice parade and wow that cup was big ..lol
love the pooch in his jumper ...
and well done on the stitchy front too and glad you have got your niggles sorted out too :)
love mouse xxxxx

Paisley said...

I'm not a hockey fan but I took my kids to a mall to see the Stanley Cup when we lived in the Dallas area. Maybe the Stars had won that year? I expected there to be a lot of pomp when they brought the cup out but instead some guy just showed up with it, carrying it through the mall like he'd just bought it at Sears!

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

more lovely stitching :D you have been busy!