Friday, November 18, 2011

Are you ready to hermit?

This weekend is International Hermit and Stitch Weekend
IHSW Hermie
Will you be joining me? I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it! I dont have to work this weekend. So it'll be me stalwartly parked at Chez Hovel, listening to books or TV and stitching my little fingers off. Oh, ok. I suppose there will need to be cleaning and organizing too since it looks like my stash pile is close to reaching the critical mass required for it to apply for protected status from the UN.

Of course the big question now has to be: What will I hermit upon? Oh the choices!!!
Beatrix got out for a bit of an airing sometime late last week. Possibly she'll get out this weekend.
2011-11-06 013

Or maybe it's time to start over on my Oldest UFO -- now that I have my Silk and Ivories to work with
2011 11 13 007

Or perchance I'll uncover my Specialty Stitchers' Tree of Stitches--
2011 08 18 001
I could probably get that done this weekend if I eschewed all else.

I've had a couple of these canvases underway and finishing more of them would be quick and staisfying--
2010-02-02 028

But then again, just a couple weeks ago I put this on stretchers...
2010-02-02 029

Ooo, Rose City Stitchers hasn't been out for a while--
2011 07 20 043

And somehow I missed working on America for Veterans Day (what was I thinking?)--

Chances are though I'll haul out ornaments. I want to get a few in the mail just after Thanksgiving so that means me and the stuffing need to spending some quality time together.

So, will you hermit with me? Please? You know we'll have fun together.

Happy Stithcing!

Barbara and Theoria -- regarding the Warrior Sheep -- I am fairly certian that most 10-ish year olds will be humored by their adventures. It's entertaining, but neither as fast as it could be or prettily-written enough to to be worthy of being slow. It's about this flock of "heirloom" sheep (each variously charactrerized -- one fancies itself a rapper, and one is concerned about her looks and fashion) who get hit by a falling cell phone which they think is a sacred item they need to take to the leader of sheepdom lest evil forces attack the sheep of the world. They are however supposed by a local farmer to have been kidnapped by aliens. In all actuality as they adventure across England (via the Underground, the Eye, boats on the Thames, a commuter jet, etc) they are pursued not only by their elderly, but sometimes spry owner and her gransdon, but also by the bank robbers whose cell phone got the whole story going. It's quirkly, but not wonderful. It's probably a fine investment for the proper age group given the general half-life of a kid's book. Book 2 in the series is out now too -- the warrior sheep do the Wild West. I do not believe I'll be reading that one.


mainely stitching said...

Normally I would be all over the chance to be a stitching hermit, but I actually (gasp!) have social things planned. Who'da thunk it? LOL.

Thanks for the info on Warrior Sheep. Not quite the light read I'm looking to get Niek for Christmas. ;)

Dani - tkdchick said...

For some reason I find this post cute and funny! I just love how you've gone through all the options you've got to work on this weekend. Unfortuantely I can't hermit this weekend I've got stuff going on Saturday but Sunday I'm getting together with some friends for waffles and stitching and really looking forward to it!

Hazel said...

I'll be joining you - with an ornie lol as soon as I've taken dd swimming and fed them and put laundry away etcetc. Xx

cucki said...

i am in is so much wont be a long stitchy time for me like the last time because kids exams and hubby is flying to cape town for his exams so very busy here..
keep well and have a lovely stitchy weekend xx

Thoeria said...

No hermits for me this weekend, I;m afraid! My brother is visiting from Cape Town so no chance of getting much stitches in!
Look forward to seeing what you eventually decide to hermit on :)

Thanks for the review on the sheep. Not quite what my 12 year old would be in to :)

Mindi said...

I would totally love a stitching hermit weekend, and could really use it, however the packers show up Monday morning, and there is still a lot that needs done. Have fun, relax, and enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing pictures of what you decided to work on.

Lesleyanne said...

I'll be joining you for hermitting. Hope you get loads done.

Suzanne said...

Nice projects you have there. What did you end up working on?