Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A little finishing.... a lot of progress

If you were lucky enough to have just had a three-day weekend, I hope it was as nice as mine. I enjoyed splendid adventures in:
1. pottery painting with a 7-year-old (I'll have to show pictures later because it's a secret from everybody in the whole world.... shhhhh. The only thing not covered by my confidentiality agreement with said 7-year-old is that we had lots and lots and lots of fun.);
2. stitching with the Country Club ladies (my little needlepoint society has decided we're a country club because we can't imagine a more perfect social day than one spent stitching. I would also say that the dues are far more reasonable than at a club with a golf course and tennis pros, but I'm not sure that's true by the time we thread up a canvas.);
3. game night with some old and some new friends -- much fun was had by all in several spirited rounds of Scattergories (Did you know that all you need to do to send an enitre room of reasonably responsible adults into gales of hysteria is to suggest that an appropriate answer to a "4-letter word starting with the letter 'A'" is "About"? Yes, we all had a field day on that one.) ; and last but not least,
4. a family pool-side fest to round out the weekend (which included me being humiliated by a 13-year-old in name the state capitols).

Ultimately this weekend lead to one big epiphany for me. Namely that Mondays, even when they are really Tuesdays are a real bummer.

Apparently I was so busy having fun this weekend that I forgot how many updates I owe you! Silly me.

I can report some reecnt finishing--
2011 08 25 006
This little guy had gone to meet the finisher. He's floss and Fyre Werks and downright adorable... imho.

The major push in my needles' lives has been the evolution of the sand dollar. From this on August 16th:
2011 08 16 123
To this on the 27th:
To this on the 31st:
And finally this on the 4th:
Since I wanted to preserve the shape of the dollar, I added a little "dotted swiss" ocean around it in floss and Fyre Werks. Somehow over the course of the next 3 weeks I need to finish the ocean around both halves so it can go to finishing land. ... fingers crossed.

In between all the cream and blue, BBD's Summer has seen a little of the light of day --
Which is a good thing too since I think Amy's ready to send me the next part of the pattern..... must stitch faster.... much, much faster.

Happy stitching to all and to all a good day.

September's goals:
1. send the sand dollar off for finishing
2. send the Richland "Joy" ornie canvas off for finishing
3. F&S Round 26
4. Pumpkin Breast cancer fund ornament
5. BBD Summer completed and part 2 started
6. progress on Sundance's Ladies Day
7. progress on Tsunami Sampler
8. progress on Beatrix POtter (let's say 2 motifs, shall we)
9. progress on TOS (3 sections at least)
10. progress on Friendly ASAW (3 squares at least)
11. 4 books


Beth said...

That does sound like pretty much a perfect weekend. So glad you got to enjoy one! Great progress on your Sand Dollars, I know you can get them done,

Siobhan said...

That little penguin guy is adorable!! I can't wait to see how the finisher works it up. The sand dollars look great, too--nice progress on that and your BBD. I'm eagerly anticipating the next LF release.

~Narita said...

WOW! So many goals and you are so productive, I can tell you'll do them all!!! love the penguin and love the bird with the strawberry :)

Joysze said...

Hello. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's so nice to meet you. :D

Your weekend sounds awesome!! I had a 3-day one too, but it was spent helping neighbors move and cleaning house. LOL!

Your sand dollar piece looks awesome! The penguin is adorable and the colors in BBD's summer are so pretty. :)

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