Friday, August 05, 2011

The Good, the bad, and me

Why do I make plans? I was going to have a peaceful and accomplishful day. I had a list of things to do. It was going to clean my desk and do some advanced Excel training. Instead I got a weird series of specialty projects including two that are still pending further input. I should have stayed home and stitched.

The Postman did his job, and delivered unto Elaine my Round 25 Fair and Square offerings:
2011 07 27 039
I did a swan for Ireland (Elaine) and a squirrel for my college campus (where the squirrels will steal any food regardless of its appropriateness or the owner's vigilence). I was stitching Elaine's while I was at Discworld, and I liked how they turned out enough to do this:
2011 07 27 046
My second square however is in honor of Discworld convention -- the quote (If you take thee top off, there's biscuits inside") is Sir Terry on what he thought of the Wisconsin statehouse. By the way, he's right; it looks like a cookie jar.

Now you know since it involved me, there had to be a saga with F&S 25, right? Poor Elaine. Her very first round and she gets stuck with El Idioto. I didn't check the assignment email below Elaine's address. Hence, I did not notice that *MY* address was wrong. The Post Office very kindly sent it back to her so she had to mail it twice.

Claiming to be celebrating this fine F&S accomplishment, but really I'd have done it anyway so why bother with the justification, I've begun the starting process for another new project --
The Stitch Specialists' Tree of Stitches:
2011 08 05 008
That's the designated fabric (a baby blue lugana which I really wish were jobelan--- I might have to do more scouring of Chez Hovel this evening to see if I can scare up more fabric) and attempt 57.4 of the floss pull. I think I need something like 16 colors. Yes, Virginia, I do believe there's more than 16 colors there. Narrowing will be tonite's job.... and boy am I looking forward to it! No more urban agriculture questions, or requests for the economic impact of marinas in the Caribbean, or frantic calls that begin "I heard about this article......"

Happy stitching to all and to all a good weekend!


Siobhan said...

That's hysterical--you got your own address wrong. ROFLOL I know, I shouldn't laugh because the good Lord knows that I would do something like that, but it was funny.

Great job on the squares! Love how you added the quote.

Have a great weekend!

Margaret said...

I love the squares -- they're so pretty! That Stitch Specialist's Tree of Stitches sounds intriguing. Can't wait to see more!

Brigitte said...

Those squares look absolutely great. And I really wonder what the Tree of Stitches will look like.