Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's!

A Happy Valentine's to all !Do yo uhave big plans for the day/night? Me? I'm working then going fabric shopping for the back of a tallis bag and the lining of a yarmulke. Woo hoo. I sure do know how to party!

Well, party or not, I was quite accomplishful over the weekend. I was little miss xs. First out of the bag was Beatrix Potter:
2011 02 13 001
A whole motif got finished (beaded flower bunch)and another one (little varigated patch under the flower bunch) got started--
2011 02 13 003
I figure Beatrix could get done this year. Since she's on the list of things I really, really want to finish this year, that's a good thing.

Also out of the collection of in process came my newest start (I think it's the newest anyway-- it's either this or the next item), SB's Joy in the Journey
2011 02 13 013
I was working on this at a friend's family house and getting kibitzing help from a 6-year old. You see the heart in the sheep is supposed to be left unstitched but she and I agreed that it could use a little pink. She colored a stunning image of her house and kept an eagle eye on what I was up to lest I needed some more input on pattern adjustments. Gotta love little helpers!

Last week bought a new ornie and a little progress. I must be in a real brid mood. The week before last I finished the stitching on Miss Crescent's Red Bird:
2011 02 01 004
I'm not sure it shows well, but the cranberries in the garland are a burgundy Kreinik and the popcorn is EdMar Boucle. I think she's really quite cute, and since she's destined for that mytical tree of mine my cute-rating is crucial.
Anyway, I finish the red bird to pick up Theron's Berry Bird
2011 02 13 008
Yup, if you remember you JCS issues well you will note that I changed the colors on this. I guess I just can't leave well enough alone.

Also making an appearance in the light of day the end of last week was my Quaker a la Six Mains:
2011 02 13 009
Can't see the Major Work? Well, let's get closer in ---
2011 02 13 010
Yup, That bird head floating there -- I started that motif. Hey, at least I got his little eye showing so he can look around.

And last but certainly not least in the accomplishment round up, Ursula Michaels We the People--
2011 02 13 012
I do so love stitching this! There's something so wonderful about seeing words appear.

Oh, I have to ask. Do you overpack for stitching adventures? I go to the LNS for the day and I look like I'm packing for a year in the Arctic. The stuffed bag below was for an afternoon od stitching with a friend--
2011 02 13 019
Beatrix, Joy in the Journey, 6 Mains, We the People, Berry Bird, and new stash are all in there. Memo to Self: 3 hours of stitching does NOT require you to denude your hovel of WIPs.

Oh wait, you caught that reference to new stash. Welllllllll..... I gotta go. Catch you later with a report. Hee hee.


mainely stitching said...

LOL @ overpacking. Whenever I have to go anywhere, I pack my stitching first, and then my clothes. When we moved to Maine, I actually decided to give away a lot of clothes to ensure I wouldn't have to get rid of any stitching stuff!

Margaret said...

Not fair, teasing us with new stash and not showing it. lol! I think we all overpack for stitching ventures, don't we? After all, who knows what you'll want to pick up when you get there! Love all your stitchy progress -- very nice! I love red birds too! And yes, it's wonderful to have little helpers around. My son used to be mine but he's gotten too old for that now. Sadly. :(

Anonymous said...

Great progress on your WIPs! I like what you're doing with BP, the colours are really pretty.

Paisley said...

Great progress! I love the story about your little helper!

Beth said...

You sure did get alot accomplished over the weekend! I can't wait to see We The People finished - that is really cool. In answer to your question about overpacking stitchng, is YES! Although, since I now pack weekly to go to DD's house, I am a little better about that. But, if I am going anywhere else, it is ridiculous! So, whatja get??

Karen said...

great progress on BP! and the others! love the red bird, she is on my list to stitch this year. And, I pack my stitching the same way as you, you just never know what mood you will be in to stitch. LOL

Mel said...

It all looks so great!

I always overpack for anything, especially stitching!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...
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Suzanne said...

You have been busy with your stitching! Everything looks lovely.

I know that when I take my stitching anywhere I always over pack. I just don't want to get where I am going and then change my mind about what I am going to stitch.

Brigitte said...

I always love you to show your BP sampler because it has such wonderful colours. They are pure eye candy for me. I think you are right - you could finish it this year.
All your other WIps show very nice progress as well. I'M very curious to see the Berry Bird develop because I'm also stitching a Theron piece called The Berry Thief.

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