Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Being thankful

Hi there. Lookie what I have to be thankful for:
11-23-2009 011
11-23-2009 012
Our miracle stitcher, Nicole graced me with this lovely package as part of the Ho Ho Ho exchange. I do so love this Prairie Schooler. Thanks, Nicole!

I even managed a little stitching myself --

This first item has arrived in its new home so it's safe to share --
10-14-2009 090
10-14-2009 091
That's my piece for Shelleen in the Ho ho exchange. Shelleen has a fondness for old-fashioned Santas so this one seemed perfect. However it also spawned my desire to do no more backstitching for a month or so. lol

11-23-2009 014
Ornament season may have started late for me this year, but here's hoping it goes fast now. That star Santa on paper gave me fits for a while (I kept trying to add a row to the side of his beard and then getting all frustrated because his hat didn't fit), but eventually I worked out why I was a lame bunny.

Here's my annual Thanksgiving poll -- turkey or ham? Where do you come down on the great holiday debate? Also, it there some thing your family always makes or does for Thanksgiving that it "wouldn't be Thanksgiving without?"

Me? I'm a turkey girl all the way. We never were a ham family. And Thanksgiving's were never Thanksgiving without mom's cornucopia pilgrim candles on the kitchen counter, those big paper dinner napkins with turkeys on them, and black olives in half the relish boat (I never knew why we wasted half the divided dish on pickles). I just realized this year that we had one family weirdness (ok, we had lots, but that's besides the point)-- we never had mashed potatoes. We'd boil red potatoes and we all had forks -- you want them mashed? mash them yourself was the rule. This means I never had proper mashed potatoes until sometime late in my college career.

I wish you all a peaceful and happy day. For those of you Thanksgivinging I hope you have the perfect holiday. I'll be having excessive amounts of turkey with friends and then waddling my way through LosCon-- yes it's time for another weekend of scifi happiness. I'll say hello to the other worlds for you.


Mel said...

Lovely stitching and exchanges!

I personally don't like turkey much... so prefer ham. But on Canadian Thanksgiving (in October) we usually get turkey.

Karen said...

Great giving and receiving! Fried turkey here!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ruth, you received a beautiful ornament and stitched up some fantastic ornies too!

I hate ham so for me it would be turkey.

Daffycat said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Ruth!

StitchinManiac said...

Turkey all the way for us... I once had dinner as a guest with another family when I was far from home, and they had ham with pineapple gravy... I was grateful, yet so disappointed!

We have to have yams in all their brown sugar and butter glory (no marshmallows!), mashed potatoes with butter, and a bit of cream cheese in there for good measure, and my sister's homemade rolls. Not many green veggies. We figure, why waste our time. :)

I love your exchanges pieces, sent and received. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Laura B in Utah

Mylene said...

Both ornaments sent and received are soooo cute!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

mainely stitching said...

Gobble gobble!! I hope you're enjoying a fabulous day!!

Karen said...

Great ornaments all around!

Turkey girl here, though i do love ham, just not on Thanksgiving. LOL We always have mashed turnips (which in AZ you have to buy rutabagas instead, back east they are actually called turnips) the colors are mixed up out here for some reason. We had a normal baked turkey AND a deep fryed turkey. yummy!

Carolyn NC said...

Stitching and exchanges look great! We do both turkey and ham!

Kathy A. said...
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Kathy A. said...

Lovely ornaments received and made!
Love that turkey!!!
Enjoy your sci fi conference.

Brigitte said...

You show some really awesome ornaments here.
If we had Thankdgiving here, it would be only turkey. I love turkey.

Siobhan said...

What lovely stitching, both stitched and received!

I'm a turkey person. I don't like pig products... something about eating an animal that bears a resemblance to me. ;) I'm a fowl person all the way.

Hazel said...

Beautiful exchanges!! x

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Definitely turkey!

The guys cooked dinner this year and can you believe, they forgot to make the gravy! It was still great! Especially since I didn't have to do the cooking. I was on cleanup. :-)

Very pretty exchange from Nicole! I also love this Prairie Schooler but then I love most of their designs. LOL!

Your ornaments are very pretty!

Hope you have having fun at LosCon!

Windy Meadow

Nicole said...

I'm so glad you got it and that you like it! Love the ornament your stitched for Shelleen! It turned out so cute! :)

Donna said...

Love the ornaments and I prefer Turkey for Thanksgiving, But I do love ham too

Ranae said...

Super nice ornament exchanges.
We have turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas